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Why do people get tattoos?

The history of the appearance of tattoos is as old as the world itself. The drawings on the skin were applied by tribes primitive as talisman, as well as proof of belonging to a particular tribe, occupying a position in society. In the Middle Ages, the prohibition of drawings to dress as a pagan rite was imposed, These were the times of total repression. But even in these times, the tattoo culture continued to exist. In the present time, the attitude towards drawings on the body has become like body art, an avant-garde trend in art, the fashion, that is to say, as an artistic decoration of the body with the help of tattoos.

♎ Tattoos of Mothers Children and Family:

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why get tattoos

A person, applying an image to the body, he unconsciously pursues certain goals that reside in his self-expression:

  • one of which is to change society's attitude towards itself and its personality;
  • the next intention that arises from the previous one is to change one's attitude, behavior, self-expression in this society and towards this society;
  • the applied image indicates the psychological aspect of the influence of this person on the close environment, on relatives and friends, since it changes the subconscious attitude towards others;
  • one of the possibilities of expressing the inner self.

In addition to these reasons, there are others that explain the essence of the question: "Why do people get a tattoo?". The main ones are:

  • the first option: the drawn image is a decoration of the body, that always remains in a person. As a consequence, one can stand out in this way in society;
  • the second option is a person's beliefs, which can be religious, ideological, amateur. The essence of persuasion is to show and prove, first of all, to oneself, and then to others, adherence to the idea, expressed through a tattoo;
  • Another option for people to apply tattoos is protection caused by an inferiority complex and their own insecurity. This category of people prefers to apply images of scary animals or various heroes of famous myths. But with such drawings a person can express love for his sports team, for example, a tiger or a bull, or simply pay homage to current fashion and put a demon in your chest;
  • tattoos are often used to hide existing skin defects: scars of various origins, unwanted age spots or to hide problems associated with the asymmetry of certain parts of the body;
  • to prove your status, this mainly has to do with the criminal world, where there are ranks and statuses that are not confirmed by official documents, but by a tattoo.

♐Tattoos in memory of loved ones:

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Why do they get tattoos from the point of view of psychology?

The answer to this question is the following. According to the systems vector psychology understanding, there are eight groups of people with certain innate properties, abilities, and desires. Each of the representatives of these groups has its own motivation for visiting a tattoo parlor master. So, the characteristics for some groups:

🈵Small Tattoos:

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  • people, representatives of the skin group - adapt to existing conditions, have amazing flexibility in thinking. They get used to pain occurs, their bodies produce opiate substances that quickly extinguish the pain. They get pleasure from pain, therefore they strive to experience this sensation again, they are frequent visitors to tattoo parlors;
  • the visual group, whose representatives have a special visual sensitivity, they love to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature and their own beauty. If such a person decides that the tattoo is beautiful, he will definitely decorate his body with it. In a stressful state, they can create tattoo masterpieces on the body to attract the attention of others;
  • sound group - what is not expressed in words, is fixed with an image, for this they use staves, various logos, symbols. These people are in a constant sense of life, their desires are in the realm of the immaterial and the body is used to transmit their ideas to the world around them;
  • Representatives of the anal group are indifferent to tattoos, control the purity of the skin. The tattoo can only be done after your moral authority or for the company. Tattoos are also accepted as memory.

♑Tattoos and their Meaning:

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Why do women get tattoos?

The history of the appearance of female tattoos has more than a century. With the help of a body image, knowledge about the inner world of women was transmitted to others, which consisted of fighting for peace, the comfort of a home.

At the time of the rise of Christianity, tattoos were prohibited, since they became a symbol of paganism and a denial of the existence of God in the understanding of that time. In isolated cases, drawings were occasionally found on the body. But they reappeared en masse until the 18th century.

The representative among the white race was an American woman, whose parents were killed by the Indians, and she was taken prisoner. The Indians tattooed it on the chin and later mistook it for theirs. Almost ten years later, the local authorities found out about it and changed it with the tribe for horses and a blanket. After the world found out about the girl who suffered so much suffering, a boom began among the beautiful half of humanity in tattoos.

Queen Victoria had a tiger fighting a python, Churchill's mother had a snake wrapped around her wrist. After World War II, the number of people who they wished to have an image on the body increased rapidly. This was expressed especially in the atmosphere of protest against the humiliation of the rights of women.

Unlike earlier times, now the tattoo is on display and it occupies a larger area on the female body. The design of women's tattoos is varied: the inscriptions in Latin and English they are especially popular, the meaning of which is known only to their owners. hieroglyphs no less popular: Chinese and Japanese, arabic writing, celtic symbols, birds little ones, flowers, animals.

A correctly applied and chosen tattoo emphasizes the beauty of female lines, your individuality and increases low self-esteem. Using a tattoo like bracelet or necklace, you will never be able to part with it. He angel drawn will protect her constantly and the bat will protect her from the bad influences and diseases.

☦️Tattoos for Women:

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Let's see an example of a very discreet and beautiful Tattoo on a specific part of the Body:

A tattoo on neck is invisible to others elegant and attractive. Often the brand is applied to the side of the neck, behind the ear, where it looks no less attractive. Usually a small pattern is applied on the neck, since a large one will look bulky and sloppy. Therefore, immediately agree with the master on a small sketch. There are no restrictions on the choice of image - everything that will look harmonious can be filled. Very often there are small stars, hearts, butterflies, fish, hieroglyphs that can be easily hidden behind loose hair. In addition, the skin of the nape retains its youthful freshness for a long time, and with it the tattoo is applied. People of the creative profession often put the mark on the neck.

If the decision is made to apply a tattoo, choose the most neutral option, with which you will coexist amicably. Ask an experienced tattoo artist to create a suitable sketch and then apply the tattoo.

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