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Contact – Remove / Add Information to this site is an informative site with articles on the tattoo industry. People come to us looking for unique and high-quality information in the field of tattooing. Look here who we are.

    Today we are proud of what we have achieved, a community in which Social networks of more than 650,000 thousand people. These added to the people who find us through search engines add up to 300,000 monthly visits to our website. 

    IMPORTANT: We are a site that collects information from Tattoo Studios of a Region, Town or Province, to facilitate the search for our users, we do not have relation to none of the studies of tattoos or the people who manage said companies or undertakings. So this site is only a compilation of public information from the INTERNET pretending to be a complete directory of «All about Tattoo», but we do not recommend nor do we have responsibility or co-authorship with any company or person that is dedicated to make tattoos and / or derivatives.


    If you have idea of promote or enter into any marketing relationship with us, write in the contact form above. We consider everything individually and we think of options for a mutual beneficial cooperation.

    All photos and graphic elements to fill the portal are borrowed from open sources and are published for informational purposes.


    If you are the author or copyright holder of a photo posted on the site, we are ready to indicate authorship by adding a link to the source or removing the material. To do this, you must write to us on the contact form and attach the relevant documents to confirm the copyrightr.