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All Pavel Priluchny tattoos – Doc tattoo on the neck and the rest

All Pavel Priluchny tattoos – Doc tattoo on the neck and the rest

Pavel Priluchny is a Russian actor who became popular after filming in the movie “At the Game” and in the series “Closed School”. All the other projects he was involved in only added to his fame. You could see it in the following works:

  • Lavrova's method
  • Elderly
  • frontier

Pavel highly appreciated the young audience for his image, which became an integral part of tattoos.


Priluchny's first tattoo – barcode on the neck. This tattoo was required for his role in the movie On the Game. It was originally planned to be a temporary tattoo, but the actor went to the salon and got a real one. This decision surprised everyone, including the director.

However, it was good for Pavel's career. After the role of Doc, this tattoo became the hallmark of the actor.

Partly thanks to her, he became popular so quickly. More projects were not long in coming.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo

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While filming in the closed school, Priluchny got the following tattoo on his thigh. The shooting of the mystical series was so exciting that it made the actor believe in otherworldly forces. Therefore, the new tattoo is a kind of amulet in the form of a Latin inscription: “Teneri nutu suo”. It translates as "keep calm".

He meaning is to make the wearer relate more easily to situations of conflict and stress.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo


Another amulet is located on the actor's wrist in the form of a black cross. This is quite a well-known religious tattoo, which symbolizes the spiritual development of the wearer. The same tattoo can be observed from the popular actor and presenter Dmitry Nagiyev.

It is filled as a reminder of the unfairness of life and the difficulties that constantly arise. get over.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo


In 2013, the actor had a son, Timofey. Interestingly, Agata Muceniece, an actress with whom Pavel starred in The Closed School, became a mother. At the time of birth, Agatha was already his wife. In honor of such a significant event, Priluchny made a tattoo with the date of birth of the heir.

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So, not so long ago, the couple had a daughter. Soon enough, the new date got into Paul's body. The wife's date of birth was no exception.

All of them are located on the edges in the form of Roman numerals.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo


Priluchny loves and appreciates her family and never tires of filling in tattoos confirming this. This is how the tattoo on the shoulder appeared. This is another inscription-amulet, which symbolizes the protection of the family - the word «Family».

Pavel Priluchny tattoo


In 2017, Pavel posted a photo on his instagram directly from the tattoo parlor. It shows the appearance of a new tattoo on the actor's shoulder. Unfortunately, the tattoo itself is inconspicuous and it is difficult to see what exactly is on it. But this is clearly a compass. These tattoos are preferred by people who have achieved a lot in this life and definitely know exactly what they want.

But this drawing can also mean that what happened is a significant event that changed a person a lot. Perhaps something undermined your foundations and views on life and a new period in life began.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo


This tattoo was placed on the inside of the bicep. She is also from the category of religious tattoos. Meaning: Protection against the evil eye and all kinds of negative influences. By applying such an image, people associate themselves with God.

pulse line

Recently, Pavel Priluchny felt a serious illness. Caught off guard by heart problems that very few people knew about. Fortunately, all ended well and the problem disappeared. In connection with this event, Pavel filled in the pulse line on his chest below his heart.

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Pavel Priluchny tattoo


For a long time, there was a strong discord in the actor's family.

Constant fights with his wife were becoming increasingly difficult. Many thought that the divorce would definitely come later.

But with considerable efforts, the spouses were still able to reconcile and resolve their issues in a peaceful manner, thereby saving the marriage. As a sign of long-term love, tattoos of paired rings were made on the ring finger.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo

The actor himself does not like to tell about his tattoos and considers them something personal. Especially those related to religion and family. Therefore, not all of Pavel Priluchny's tattoos can be seen in the photo. But this is really everyone's personal business.

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