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Nastya Ivleeva's tattoo – the complete list of tattoos: which and where

Nastya Ivleeva's tattoo – the complete list of tattoos: which and where

Nastya Ivleeva is a famous Russian presenter, blogger and film actress. Initially, she became famous thanks to Instagram, winning the hearts of young people. And already later, having become the host of the TV show «Heads and Tails», the older generation also found out about Nastya. He is now streaming AgentShow on YouTube. He starred in movies like:

  1. Easy Virtue Granny 2. Elderly Avengers
  2. tourist police
  3. Riverdale (voice acting)

In addition to the interesting image of Ivleeva, her tattoos also attract attention. … At the moment there are 9. But knowing Nastya, there is no doubt that the number of tattoos on her body will grow.


In it thigh Anastasia's right, a portrait of Lady Katrina is tattooed. This is one women with a skull painted on the face

In Mexico it is a symbol of the day of the dead.

The image looks creepy and beautiful at the same time.

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva

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An owl on the forearm

An owl in the neotrad style is designed on the right hand. Sketches like this have become very popular lately. Especially for girls and in this particular place. The drawing of an owl means wisdom.

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva

plane and heart

In the same arm, but above the elbow, there is a mini tattoo in the line style - an airplane that draws the shape of a heart.

Nastya herself says that the tattoo has become very significant.

Due to the filming of the Eagle and Reshka program, the planes have become his second home.

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva


On the left wrist we see a swallows and flowers tattoo. The drawing is colorful and very bright. It is noteworthy that the meaning of a swallow is similar to that of an airplane. They are often full of travel lovers.

All Pavel Priluchny tattoos - Doc tattoo on the neck and the rest

All Pavel Priluchny tattoos – Doc tattoo on the neck and the rest

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva

360 degrees

The numbers 360 with a degrees icon are drawn below the owl drawing on the right wrist.

This is a reference to the album of Nastya Ivleeva's beloved Eljey.

We also have an article on Aljay's tattoos – you can read it.

But besides the name, the woman says that the meaning of the tattoo is much deeper.

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva


Nastya and Aljay also made paired tattoos on the outside of the hand, next to the thumb. They filled 2 rings in the shape of an eight, which means infinite. Unsurprisingly, after this, fans began to announce a quick wedding.

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva

sak yant

While filming a TV show in Bangkok, Nastya «Danger» did not miss the opportunity to visit the famous tattoo artist who did tattoos for many Hollywood stars, for example:

  • Brad Pitt
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Michelle Rodriguez

The point is that the master designs special sacred Thai tattoos, followed by a subsequent ritual that brings good luck.

Ivleeva got such a tattoo in the rib area, wishing to acquire well-being. The session itself is significantly different from the classic one, and the tattoo is filled with a thick needle.

«This is the only time I cried during a tattoo session» – Nastya admits.

on the shoulder blade

Very little is known about this tattoo. The heroine herself did not talk about her. The tattoo can only be seen in some photos and videos. It has a kind of butterfly pattern.

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva

In memory of Georgia

After a trip to this beautiful country, Nastya and two of her friends they got the same tattoos. This is an inscription in Georgian, which translates as "Bandits."

Dwayne Johnson tattoo: photo, meaning and a new tattoo

Dwayne Johnson tattoo: photo, meaning and a new tattoo

Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleeva is a very extraordinary person, so it is difficult to predict what kind of tattoos she will do. So we can only wait and see what is happening.

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