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Angelina Jolie tattoos: their meaning and photos

Angelina Jolie tattoos: their meaning and photo

There is hardly a person who has not heard of Angelina Jolie and her tattoos.

This woman is not just a sex symbol of our time, she is:

  • a talented Hollywood actress
  • model
  • director
  • goodwill ambassador
  • beautiful mother of six children.

Tattoos occupy an important place in the life of a star. Back, abdomen, arms, shoulders, hips: almost all parts of the body of a Hollywood beauty are decorated with drawings, and each of them has its own meaning.

Despite the fact that the actress had the opportunity to reduce and superimpose the images that were filled in in her youth, she now takes her body drawings very seriously.

quote in latin

The model has a tattoo on the lower part of her abdomen with the saying in Latin: “Quod me nutrit me destruit”. This phrase means the following: "What feeds me and kills me." Perhaps it is associated with anorexia, which the actress previously suffered from.

Tattoos of Angelina Jolie inscription under the abdomen

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Letter «H» On the left wrist

The letter"H" on the wrist of the beauty was tattooed around 1997. The model herself says that she dedicated the tattoo to her brother James Haven, although many associate this letter with the name from her former lover Timothy Hutton.

Angelina Jolie tattoos the letter n on the wrist

Large Bengal tiger and a dragon on the lower back

In the back Below is a tattoo depicting a dragon and a Bengal tiger. These images symbolize a Buddhist amulet that protects against negative energy.

tiger with dragon at the base of the back Angelina Jolie

On the left shoulder blade

Another symbolic drawing is located on the left shoulder blade. The tattoo represents the text of a Buddhist prayer.

A women He did it in Thailand as a talisman for trouble.

Buddhist prayer text Angelina Jolie tattoos

At the base of the neck

Tattoo with the name of the song “Know Your Rights” Clash Group is located at the base of the neck.

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Inscription on the shoulder blade Angelina Jolie Tauajes


In the left hand the quote

Another inscription, located this time in the hand To the left of the actress, it was a quote from the play by W. Tennessee: “I pray for the wild hearts that are in cells. ”

2 lines on the forearm Tattoos Jolie Angelina

to the right in arabic

In it arm right you can see a tattoo symbol in Arabic for "decision".

symbol on the right hand Tattoos Angelina Jolie


The letter "M" on the arm

A celebrity got a small tattoo in the shape of the letter "M" on her arm in memory of her mother who died of cancer.

the letter m in the palm of the hand Angelina Jolie

roman numeral 13

A tattoo with the number "XIII" was applied to the inner surface of Angelina's left hand to show that she is not prone to superstition. Then the figure was supplemented with the signs "V MCMXL".

Now these numbers indicate the date of W. Churchill's first speech as Prime Minister (05/13/1940 ).

Angelina Jolie tattoos Roman numerals on the actress


Geographical coordinates

Until 2004, A. Jolie had a tattoo on her left forearm with the image of a dragon and the inscription "Billy Bob". Billy was Angelina's husband in those years, and after the divorce, this tattoo was completely removed. Today, instead, numbers are depicted indicating the coordinates of the points where her children and her husband Brad Pitt were born.

Geographic coordinates of Angelina Jolie's arm

On the back and right shoulder blade

The three most voluminous images of the back were taken in 2016. These are sacred Buddhist mantras stamped on the right shoulder blade and two magical Yantra tattoos in the center of the back. They are supposed to bring prosperity, love and luck.

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Dwayne Johnson tattoo: photo, meaning and a new tattoo

Mystical animals, hieroglyphics, inscriptions, letters they filled the body of a celebrity. In total, there are about 20 images on the body of a beauty.

It is obvious that Angelina Jolie's tattoos are not just jewelry or a tribute to the fashion, but very symbolic drawings with a history of origin and meaning.

tattoo on the back of Angelina Jolie Patterns Inscriptions Bello


Below you can see a video about the tattoos of a Hollywood actress:

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