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Timati tattoos: all tattoos of rapper Timur Yunusov and their meaning

Timati tattoos: all tattoos of rapper Timur Yunusov and their meaning

The tattoos Timati They form an integral part of the image. some tattoos Timati he devoted himself to his creative activity, some to his business – label Black Star. But most tattoo He talks about his life values: strength of character, friendship, family, and loyalty.

How many tattoos does Timur have? Yunusov it's hard to count.

It is unlikely that he himself will be able to give the exact amount. But we try to collect all the basic information that interests you.


Song of Timati, L'One, Varchun, Crack, Pencil, Djigan – Tattoo

In the hands

sleeves Timati scored first. And, it should be noted, he did it well. All tattoos are done in white and black with a minimum of color. In reality, this trend persists not only in the hands, but throughout the body. body. This makes the whole look quite harmonious.


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A lion is depicted on the left shoulder. On the right is a dragon. These are just one of those drawings that signify firmness of character and inner core. They are often stuffed in order to gain more strength and confidence in their actions.

A portrait of American human rights activist Martin luther King.


Also on both hands there are inscriptions, patterns and other signs that make the compositions very difficult to understand. These attributes add dimension to drawings, but what value do they have to the rapper - a stranger.


in the elbows

While still participating in the reality show «Star Factory», Timur filled in the black outlines of the stars on his elbows. He meaning from these figures it is obvious. Although the performer was not famous at the time, he already had a premonition of imminent popularity.



Sleeves with numerous designs continue in these places: hieroglyphics, stars, drawings of women, phrases "My First Love" and "Hip-Hop Music"". From what can be distinguished separately: the words Angel and the Devil on two forearms and a tattoo in memory of a friend who died in a car accident Shishkov Ratmir.

David Beckham's Tattoos in honor of his Children and Family

David Beckham tattoos on the palm of the hand




Black is written on the back of the right hand, on the left "Star inc." – together these words form the name Empire Timati .

By the way, Black Star is also his pseudonym and the name of the first music album.



Timur's finger phalanges are hammered up and down. Like many rappers (for example, Oksimiron), the attributes of power, wealth and luxury are painted there: a diamond, dollars, a crown. But there are also simpler symbols: a musical note, an ice cream cone, a skull with the number 13 on the forehead.



And on those phalanges that are closer to the knuckles, he flaunts the phrase "Good Luck." The knuckles are marked with black crosses.


But much more important is the artist's thumb tattoo. It is full of mom's name: Simona. By the way, at the end of the article there will be interesting news about the rapper's mom.




This part of the body Timati it is hammered on all sides. There is his nickname “Timati”, and the cupid shooting in the heart, and the rapper's favorite mystical number – 13.





But the most interesting tattoo is the face of a girl in the Chicano style.

It is rumored that it is a stylized portrait of her ex-lover.

Next to the girl are the words "Enjoy the moment" and a red trace of a kiss.


At the rear

The surface of the back of the artist can be seen especially for a long time. This is quite a work of art. The main part of the center is occupied by a skull with a crown. The crossbones are often depicted below this, but not in this case. Here, instead of them, a cross of microphones.

All Pavel Priluchny tattoos - Doc tattoo on the neck and the rest

All Pavel Priluchny tattoos – Doc tattoo on the neck and the rest



Black clouds of smoke and white ribbons around the skull sign:

  • "Moscow City". Translated as the city of Moscow the birthplace and growth of a celebrity.
  • "No loyalty, no friends." This tattoo emphasizes the meaning of friendship. no fidelity with no friends.
  • «The Boss». Reminding himself and others that he is the director of a large company.
  • “Just Business” is the word on the crown. Business only, yes in our opinion.

The entire composition is also supplemented by various icons: a grid (hashtag), a star, crosses, etc.

On the chest

There is a brick wall in the middle of the chest. On the sides, like graffiti, two clown masks are painted. One is happy with the words "laugh now", the second is sad with the words "cry later". The light in the image below falls on the same brick wall: a candle lit with the prayer “Save and preserve”.


On this composition, a tattoo in the style of letters “Love me or leave me alone” – translates to love me or leave me alone. And even higher, almost in the same neck, a flying dove is stuffed, holding a twig in its beak.

The numbers 19 and 83 are filled in on the clavicles, which forms the year of birth of a businessman.

In the womb

5 playing cards flaunt in the center, end of which with images of a star and a heart. And 3 in the middle with images of girls in seductive poses. Playing card tattoos generally symbolize gambling and a person's willingness to take risks. In combination with women, the meaning is more interesting.

Under this pattern, almost in the groin area, tattoo with the words "Ladies Love", which in translation It is the favorite of women.

on the sides of timan there are images of fragments in the Brazilian style. And on top of that there is another quote – Only the strong survive, from English – “Only the strong survive”.

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New BTS Jungkook Tattoos: What the Arm Tattoos Mean


In the legs

The hips rapper's they were practically intact, which cannot be said about the knees and legs. But there are also tattoos on the thighs.

The right leg is full of characters from comic books and other cartoons, for example:

  1. Futurama Robot;
  2. Star with eyes;
  3. Flower.


What is shown on the left leg is difficult to see in the photo, but the “Mercedes” logo is clearly visible.


tattoo parlor

The previous photo is from there. Timur Yunusov is so passionate about tattoo culture that he even released the song “Tatu” and opened his own tattoo parlor called “13”. the tattoo parlor Timati is located at the address: Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val, 33 and at the same time is also a hair salon .

Average price per session in the region of 7-8 thousand rubles.


mom tattoo

After the birth of rapper second son, mother Timati he got a tattoo with the birth dates of his grandchildren.


This is what Simona (the artist's mother) writes about it:

» I was amused by the reaction of Artyom (Timur's brother) – Mom, will there be a place for my children?! – Of course, dear, I am not your big brother! ”


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