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TUNGSTEN RINGS ▷ 20 Beautiful Engagement Jewels

Collage Tungsten Engagement Rings

When choosing Wedding Rings and Jewelry, a touch of Originality in these beautiful Black accessories.

We live in a time of powerful development of high technologies. A variety of technical innovations not only influence our lives, but also change tastes and preferences. Modern people like technological and progressive things. Jewelry is no exception either.


396 Black Tungsten Rings with Ruby Red Jewel Engagement 18krgp
396 Tungsten Rings black with ruby red jewel engagement 18krgp

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Materials with unusual properties are confidently beginning to occupy their niche among traditional jewelry metals - gold, silver and platinum. One of these novelties is tungsten jewelry. In our country, products made from this material are not yet well known, but in the West they are gaining great popularity. tungsten facts are specially represented.

375 Black Tungsten Engagement Rings with Skulls and Fleur de Lis Shapes
375 Black Tungsten Engagement Rings with Skulls and Heart Shapes flower of liz
334 Men's Black Crown Ring in Tungsten and Platinum with Diamonds My Queen My King
334 Black crown ring for man in Tungsten and platinum with diamonds My Queen My King

Why are tungsten rings interesting?

Outwardly, these jewelry are similar to products made of steel, silver or platinum. They have a light gray color and a metallic shine.

The main distinguishing feature of tungsten rings is their incredible resistance to wear. They are almost impossible to damage. Precious metal rings with heavy wear will quickly become red with large, small and almost imperceptible scratches, worsening their appearance. Tungsten rings will look the same in a month and in a few years. They will not tarnish, embossed patterns will not be damaged, and polished parts will not lose their mirror shine.

305 Silver and black tungsten ring with red stone decorations and brilliant black shapes
305 Black and Silver tungsten ring with stone decorations in red and shiny black shapes

The fact is that tungsten itself is a very hard metal. However, that is too brittle. Therefore, for the manufacture of jewelry, a special compound of tungsten with carbon is used: carbide tungsten. On the Mohs scale of hardness, tungsten carbide is second only to diamond. Diamond is known to be the hardest substance in the world. Your ring can easily scratch glass, and in turn, it can hardly be scratched by anything.

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Tungsten carbide is chemically very resistant and does not react with most acids. The products they contain are not afraid of water or any other substance that we encounter in everyday life.

256 Black 18krgp Titanium Wedding Rings with large black stone and fine black rhinestones
256 Black 18krgp Titanium Wedding Rings with large black stone and fine black rhinestones

On the plus side, your tungsten carbide ring will be "heavy." This compound has a density of 15.77 g/cm³, that is, it is slightly heavier than 585 gold and slightly lighter than 750 gold.

Certainly the price will please. Tungsten does not belong to precious metals, therefore the cost of the product consists almost entirely of the cost of its manufacture and the seller's margin.

Tungsten jewelry, for men or women?

To be honest, everything seems to indicate that these jewels are more suitable for men.

First of all, the word itself comes from German Wolf Rahm , which means "wolf's foam". The metal received such a harsh name because it greatly interfered with the smelting of tin, connecting with it and transferring it to the slag (as if eating it). In the US and many other countries, tungsten is called "tungsten" , which means "heavy stone" in Swedish.

Second, tungsten carbide is widely used in technology and military affairs. Probably, not many women know what a "winner drill" is and "sub-caliber shells", where this material is the basis.

251 Tungsten Rings bright polished engagement woman with large brilliant type stone
251 Bright Polished Tungsten Engagement Rings women with large brilliant stone

And thirdly, probably only a man will surprise his friends by opening a bottle of beer with a tungsten engagement ring or leaving an inscription on the glass.

244 red ruby and blue topaz engagement rings set in black metal
244 red ruby and blue topaz engagement rings set in black metal
205 Tungsten Rings with silver metal engraving King and Queen
205 Tungsten Rings with silver metal engraving King and Queen

However, modern metal artists and jewelers have learned to make such beautiful and delicate products that will suit any woman. Buyers are offered a variety of processing options and a variety of inserts - from carbon fiber and precious stones to leather and wood. In addition, the trend of buying tungsten wedding rings for a wedding or a wedding is actively developing in the world. Sellers point out that the rings are "eternal, like your love."

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Collage of Rings for best friends

What else should I know about tungsten carbide rings?

198 Personalized Black Tungsten Rings with three red hearts in rhinestones
198 Personalized Black Tungsten Rings with three red hearts in rhinestones

There are a few things to consider before buying.

  • It is not possible to change the size of the ring. If rings made of precious alloys can be stretched or compressed, tungsten will forever remain the same size.
  • Since tungsten carbide is a particularly hard material, special equipment and skills are required to write, engrave, or add an insert. They cannot be found in every jewelry workshop.
  • Do not allow tungsten jewelry to come into contact with other jewelry during storage and especially when wearing. Hard tungsten can damage metal and stone.
  • To color tungsten products, they are coated with titanium or zirconium compounds. These coatings are not as strong as the ring itself and must be handled with care. careful.

The two most important points :

  • Sellers often claim that tungsten carbide rings do not cause allergies, since they do not contain cobalt, but nickel. This is not entirely true. Tungsten jewelry is created using powder metallurgy methods: tungsten carbide particles are fired with a binder metal, which is cobalt or nickel. Both metals can cause allergies. Therefore, if you experience distress or discomfort at the point of contact with the skin, tungsten jewelry is not for you. At the same time, you should not be very afraid of this, since allergies to these metals are quite rare. For example, the well-known white gold often also contains nickel.
  • You should know how to remove the tungsten ring in an emergency. It will not work to bite or cut it like a "normal" ring. The finger with the ring should be inserted into a vice and slowly tighten until the ring bursts. For the finger, this procedure is completely safe.


Collage Engagement or Wedding Rings 1

Where to buy tungsten carbide jewelry?

In ordinary stores, tungsten rings are very rare. In online stores, the choice is also not great. To see all the variety of models of such rings, it is better to search in foreign online stores using the query "tungsten ring" either "tungsten jewelry" . Usually there are products made in china or usa. For all tastes and budgets.

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