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Tattoo Health and Care

tattoo healing 8 days

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Health and Care:

โœ… Is it really necessary to put Body Cream on a tattoo after seeing the scar cream left?โ“

Tattoo Care Tips by our Users:

  • Wash it 3 times a day with neutral soap, dry with a towel and apply a light layer of the cream that your tattoo artist has told you ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Wash it with warm water and neutral soap, dry it with napkins and a lot of tattoo cream in a few days, it will change the skin, do not scratch it, cover it when you go to sleep so you don't get hurt

Tattoo healing and days:

tattoo healing 4 days
tattoo healing 4 days

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tattoo healing 5 days
tattoo healing 5 days
tattoo healing 6 days
tattoo healing 6 days
tattoo healing 7 days
tattoo healing 7 days
tattoo healing 8 days
tattoo healing 8 days
tattoo healing 10 days
tattoo healing 10 days


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