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Tattoos of Mothers Children and Family

Parental love knows no bounds. And when a person has a son, a person dear to him, it will be natural want to capture your image forever. Also, children grow up quickly, so I want to remember the time when they were still small and cute.
And, in general, if for some tattoos they are just jewelry and a style item, so it is important that others give them a meaning, a serious meaning. People get tattoos in honor of people who are important and loved by them, memorable quotescherished wishes and dreams. These people rarely get tattoos, but they do so in a significant way. And for the rest of their lives they remember what this or that pattern on their skin means. We have compiled tons of tattoos that their parents and mothers dedicate to their children, above you can find articles or sections !
Often a tattoo depicting their children is done in the form of a portrait. It is very important that the master is a real professional, perfectly possessing the skill of drawing and portraiture. Otherwise, the expected result will not work. But if the master is really competent, then a beautiful baby tattoo will decorate the rest of a person's life.
Another way to mark the meaning of your children with a tattoo is to write their names with beautiful meaning. It is very convenient that such a tattoo does not take up as much space as a portrait, and if a replenishment is planned in a person's life, then you can leave a tattoo with the name of each of their children. Besides Names, the inscriptions may indicate the time and date of the baby's birth. Of the stars, David and Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Kanye West and others can boast of such tattoos.
Another way to leave tattoo in honor of his own son was a tattoo with your image. These tattoos They have become very popular and fashion lately. Of course, children's drawings are very simple and cannot be called a work of art. But this cute gesture will allow you to remember forever the creativity of the baby, drawn by his own hand. There is one more interesting idea. Give the child a pen or felt-tip pen and ask him to write or depict something on the father's skin, having made a tattoo according to this “sketch”. The artist can rework this drawing, turning it into an interesting tattoo.
A tattoo in honor of a child cannot refer directly to him, representing a portrait, name, date or drawing. It can be just a beautiful sketch symbolic, in which the appropriate meaning is embedded. It can be a picture of animals with their animals, for example, a tiger with a tiger cub, an owl with an owl, etc. It can be a mother and a child, children's hands holding the hand of an adult. Maybe just a symbolic image of a baby with a heart, balls, toys. One of the rather simple, but laconic and significant ideas is a infinity tattoo, where the child's initials are on one side and the parent's on the other. In general, here you can give free rein to your imagination!