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Birds: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning

Birds: male – female, interesting ideas, meaning
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Miniatures Bird tattoos have a special place in art. Each type hides a special and unique meaning, with which you must familycurl before choosing.

About the image

When it comes to we have certain associations in our head about birds, which played an important role in the description:

  1. heaven infinite it can be compared to the state of freedom;
  2. flight and graceful movements symbolize femininity, lightness;
  3. since most prefer to live in warmth, their return is associated with spring and love;
  4. in Christian culture they were considered messengers of the Gods and intermediaries between two worlds.

But meaning The main thing must be looked for precisely in the rocks of these celestial inhabitants.

  • small, but a brilliant hummingbird will bring its owner's colors to life, and the sweet nectar it loves so much is nothing more than heady love. Light and mobile, it becomes a companion for energetic natures;
  • swallow – old amulets of sailors. They helped them not to get lost in the vast expanses. According to legends, if you appeared next to the ship - next to the coast, land, home, family, reliability;
  • Flamingos are an endangered species. It is often found on the bodies of active defenders of the animals. Its delicate color will emphasize romance, reverie;
  • the stork is a symbol of home, comfort and fertility. It is also believed that it will give peace of mind, good luck and sanity, and for women who have long dreamed of a child, it will help make their dream come true;
  • the peacock is a symbol of longevity, wealth, immortality;
  • an owl will give you wisdom and prudence;
  • swans are identified with love and fidelity;
  • doves – divine messengers who carry good with them;
  • Firebird – a talisman against evil forces. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of life.

They are also ambiguous. For example, a raven on one side is a companion from the afterlife, but at the same time symbolizes wisdom.


Place for a future tattoo, they choose based on their size, but there is no strict separation by sex.

For everyone there is a sketch, or can be developed individually.


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