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Tatuajes y Moda Ideas Tendencias

Tattoo of Spider, Spider web

Spider: male – female, interesting ideas

Spiders are considered unpleasant and even disgusting insects. However, spider tattoo designs have a special meaning. It can harbor both positive and negative characteristics.

About the image

He meaning image overview:

  • thoroughness, meticulousness, diligence and precision;
  • secrecy and modesty, bordering on isolation;
  • practicality, creativity and creative inclination of nature.

Eight legs can be interpreted as infinite , stability and inviolability.

In many myths, an insect that descends from a net is considered a symbol of wealth and good luck.

The network itself is the common thread of a person's life. Fragile and delicate, it symbolizes the fatality of the human world.

In the prison environment, the image is common among thieves and racists. Each circle of the web is a year spent in captivity. But this meaning is already outdated. Today it is a symbol of a drug addict caught in a web.

Often this insect is a symbol and companion of psychics and people associated with magic.

In this setting, it is more of a dark and evil symbol. Cunning and cruelty are the main characteristics.


Spiders are primarily a male sign. He is represented in the chest, the back, the ribs, stomach and calves. A small and elegant tattoo for women looks good behind the ear, on the neck, wrist or ankle.

This is a cunning insect. It may seem small and defenseless, but in fact it kills a person with one bite.

Put an individual meaning in the chosen image, and the insect will become your individual. amulet.


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