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Tattoos / Tattoos on parts of the Body

Fans of ink designs apply tattoos to any part of the body, regardless of the location.

In this sense, there are no restrictions. Tattoos can be found even in the most unexpected body, for example, on the mucous membrane of the inner side of the lip. Tattoos are usually filled in on the surface of the entire body, including on the face or in intimate places. Also, each individual image does not have a clear prescription as to where it should be on the bit. If you intend to get a tattoo and have already decided on a sketch, but do not know where to get it, then we bring to your attention a catalog of tattoos on various parts of the body:

This gallery includes photos of tattoos on various parts of the body. Entire sections are devoted to tattoos on legs, arms, neck, etc. This section will be useful for those who have decided on a tattoo, but have not yet decided where it should be filled.
You always want to add something to your own body. It brings a different beauty. And many people choose a tattoo for this role. And now, when the drawing is selected, it remains only to think on which part of the body to use this art. Here you will find everything you need to know to choose a tattoo site.
In order not to regret the hours spent in the tattoo parlor, and the mood of the awkward work of the master did not disappear. It is worth choosing the right place to get tattooed. The tattoos on the back, for example, in the form of large-scale drawings, they will be distorted with various movements and cause bewilderment to those looking from the side. The body paint in this particular location came from the incasThey loved to paint their bodies to fight.
Many girls choose the place behind the lobe of the ear or in the neck as a field of action for the tattoo artist. But this doesn't make much sense either. because these types of tattoos will be hidden under the clothes or behind the hair. But on the other hand, if a girl wants to add zest to her own appearance, then a secret tattoo will be more useful than ever.
The girls also choose the bottom of the abdomen to get a tattoo, believing that this will make them sexier. Men, on the other hand, rarely get tattoos in such places. This is mainly done by those who want to hide scars ugly after injuries and surgeries.
The hands they are also considered commonplace. Three different zones are distinguished: shoulders, forearms and dolls. The tattoos on the hands they appeared a long time ago and could carry information about a person. About the place of his birth, but who he works for and what caste he belongs to. In addition, the tattoos on the hands had the role of a talisman or were used in magical rituals.
Now, the tattoos of hands they only have one meaning attractive. This is the most mobile and most open part of the body, so the tattoo You will always be visible and attract the attention of others.
The legs they are also a great work area for a tattoo artist. Women generally prefer the outer part of the thighs and the feet, while men prefer pimples. The process of tattooing on the legs it is very painful. But getting a tattoo on the feet cause less pain that, for example, in the thigh. The tattoo of the foot originates from India. They pay close attention to feet, so Indian girls apply patterns of henna stamped on this part of the body.
But the knee tattoos they are mostly popular with men, especially those who served time in places that are not so remote. A tattoo in the shape of stars on the knees means a denial of the way of life in prison.
The tattoos on the chest they are an ancient tradition of warriors. They went to battle, praying for their return home. And how talisman, a kind of shield for the heart, tattoos were applied on the chest. The drawings were designed to protect them in battle. Now, the tattoos on the chest they are aesthetic in nature. The chest is a large part of the bodyoy it is quite possible to fill, for example, a drawing or a picture.
Facial tattoos are popular among tribes maori. The tattoos seem patterns and they are war paint. If a warrior had some sort of mask tattooed on him, he deserved the highest honor. Currently the tattoos on the face are not popular, have gone higher in the headBut this is not entirely comfortable, because you need to constantly monitor the growth of hair.