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Lotus Flower on Woman's Thigh and Meaning


Lotus tattoo for women – meaning and photos

A very popular tattoo theme is the Lotus, a symbol of purity and enlightenment, a sign of perfect beauty.

The lotus flower tattoo is popular among the fair sex. This is due to the deep hidden meaning of the sign. Fans of tattoos know that the symbols applied to the body have an impact on the future fate of a person and can affect the favorable outcome of any undertaking. Now is the time to take a closer look at the meaning of the lotus flower tattoo.

Lotus Flower on Woman's Thigh 1
lotus flower in thigh Women's 1

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Lotus Flower on Woman's Thigh 2
Lotus Flower on Woman's Thigh 2
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 3
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 3
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 4
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 4
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 5
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 5
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 6
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 6
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 7
Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 7

Lotus flower on thigh of Woman 8

The meaning of a lotus tattoo

The lotus flower It has become a sacred symbol of two elements: water and fire, it has a direct connection with the harmony, purity, emotions, dreams, intuition and consciousness.

A distinctive feature of the Lotus is that it blooms every morning, demonstrating a close connection with the sun. The sun is fire, a symbol of passion, life, vision, clarity, revelation and vitality.

meaning for women

The snow-white flower is incomparably beautiful, it is a symbol of innocence, femininity Many women want to decorate their bodies with a lotus image.

He meaning of the tattoo is unequivocal. A women she will attract men with her beauty, her sensuality and sexuality will be revealed, but at the same time she will appear innocent. This combination drives men crazy, they cannot walk past a girl with a lotus tattoo.

Experts say that this tattoo is suitable for women who find it difficult to confess their feelings to their loved ones. He himself will guess her sympathy and will not be able to resist the charms of a woman.

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Collage Tattoos on Fingers


Lotus Flower on Thigh of Woman with Crescent Moon
Lotus flower on thigh woman with moon growing
Lotus flower on thigh of woman on both legs
Lotus flower on thigh woman on both legs
Lotus flower on woman's thigh in yellow and orange tones
Lotus flower on woman's thigh in yellow and orange tones

Importance in world cultures

The lotus flower symbolizes perfection, harmony, personifies spiritual development and purity. This plant is revered by peoples of different cultures. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans used the magical properties of the lotus, which further confirms the power of the plant.

Buddhists attach special importance to the flower. Monks consider him the personification of eternity, unity with nature, the personification of higher development. They are convinced that the lotus has a powerful aura that can have a beneficial effect on whoever enters the temple.

In the Buddhist tradition, the flowers different lotus colors have different meanings:

  1. HE considers that the red lotus is the human heart. a lotus tattoo red it can represent love, loyalty, devotion or passion.
  2. The blue lotus usually be a partially opened cocoon. It means intelligence, mindfulness and learning.
  3. the pink lotus represents the universal spirit of which we are part. The pink lotus tattoo is a deeply spiritual symbol. This is an affirmation of loving devotion to God.
  4. the purple lotus it is the flower of mysticism. Its traditional eight petals represent the eightfold path of enlightenment.

The meaning of the lotus in China

In China, the flower was revered as a sacred plant even before the spread of Buddhism.

Because the base of the lotus is so strong and resilient, the flower has come to represent harmony and fidelity in marriage. Due to her flawless vision of a pure white flower piercing the water, she was called a beautiful woman emerging from a bath and became associated with the ideal of feminine beauty and grace.

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Collage Mandala Tattoos

Lotus in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian mythology tells of life on earth, beginning with a huge lotus that arose from the sea. To the Egyptians, the impeccably beautiful lotus flower that emerges each morning from seemingly empty waters represents:

  • Reincarnation;
  • Shape life;
  • Renaissance and new beginnings.

These enigmatic creations have endless potential when it comes to aesthetic body art. Extensive symmetry can radiate speculative states of illumination. Many illustrations have a brilliant bright color, which is intended to signify the awakening of the inner sun. It is a moving emblem for those who have overcome difficulties and achieved the best. Lotus tattoo not only looks great (for example, on a woman's thigh) and has easy-to-apply geometry, but also has wonderful meaning and symbolism: graceful and gentle representative of nature represents that you are on the path of spiritual development.

The meaning of a tattoo according to its location.

The lotus tattoo can be applied to any part of the body. The value changes depending on the location.

  1. tattoo on the neck or the shoulder blade . It makes a woman romantic, but clearly makes it clear that she is capable of much.
  2. tattoo on arm, wrist or ankle . It should be done with insecure girls. The lotus will endow a woman with determination and perseverance.
  3. tutu in the back low . Suitable for relaxed women. The woman will exude sexuality, she will attract men.

A tattoo in the form of a lotus is an approach to all the fair sex. She reveals her femininity and at the same time endows the owner of the image with perseverance, the ability to achieve his goals.

Lotus Flower Tattoos Design / Meaning / Sketch 🏵️🌸

collage lotus flower tattoos meaning design
Lotus flower on the thigh of a woman below and with chains
Lotus flower on the thigh of a woman below and with chains
Flowers on woman's thigh
Flowers on woman's thigh
lotus flower tattoos on thigh 4
lotus flower tattoos on thigh 4
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