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Tattoos with meanings for Women

Tattoo on women's wrist meanings

Here we will do a complete review of Tattoos for Women and their meanings.

The way to navigate is as follows; each of the images represents a tattoo for women with a brief description, when you click on it you will be able to navigate to see a page where there will be more examples and a detailed description of the meaning of the tattoo.

As the number of Artists around the world is enormous and the motifs and tattoos for women are practically as wide as the imagination, we will add the more important and those that seem to us to be the best achieved, without for that reason failing to place some beautiful and representative tattoos for women and their meanings.


💮Eagle (Tattoos and meaning for women)

For women, an eagle tattoo is a reflection of vitality, perseverance, a way of expressing their desire for freedom and independence. The place of the tattoo is also of great importance. A complete description of the Eagle Chest Tattoo for women here.

Eagle tattoo for women
Eagle tattoo for women

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💮The Rose (meaning for women)

He Rose tattoos and their meanings it is considered one of the most multifaceted, and the symbol itself can be interpreted in different ways.

The rose symbolizes passionate and fiery love, eternal youth and imperishable beauty. It is believed that the owners of such a tattoo have an arrogant disposition and are dominated by their passions and experiences. A complete description of the Rose Tattoo for women here.

Rose Tattoo for Women
Rose Tattoo for Women

💮Cat (Tattoos and their meanings)

Today, the meaning of a cat tattoo has many different symbols and carries different meanings depending on the color or position of the animal, and the area of the body where the drawing is filled also plays an important role. A complete description of the Cat Tattoo for women here.

cat tattoo for women
cat tattoo for women

💮Spider (Tattoos and their meanings)

Having made the decision to get a tattoo depicting a spider, you need to choose not only a certain type, but also think over the location of the symbol. And do not forget that this can greatly affect the meaning of the tattoo. A complete description of the Spider Tattoo for women here.

Spider tattoo on women's neck meaning 1
spider tattoo on neck of woman meaning 1

💮The dragon (Tattoos for women)

It should be said right away that dragons are divided into 2 types: eastern and western. In Asia, it is a good symbol of strength and power. Ombudsman. In the West, the dragon personifies evil. A complete description of the Dragon Tattoo for women here.

tattoo dragon shoulder blade of woman meaning
tattoo dragon shoulder blade of woman meaning

💮Trees Meanings:

can often be found tree images real or its branches in tattoos to women and their meanings. Each species of wood has its own special meaning:

  • birch symbolizes femininity and innocence;
  • oak – power and will;
  • beech means strength and honor;
  • bamboo is a symbol of youth;
  • willow is a companion of poets, singers and other creative professions.

A complete description of the Tree Tattoo for women here.

tattoo tree of life woman meaning
tattoo tree of life woman meaning

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