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Tattoos and Fashion Ideas Trends


Tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Many seek to demonstrate originality by applying images to the body. A tattoo on the forearm it attracts attention and emphasizes individuality in the best way. The author's drawing, made according to the sketch original, seems the most advantageous.
Tattoo features on the forearm
Choosing a place for application, many are interested in the topic of pain. tattoos on the forearm they cause the least discomfort. The bone is located under the muscle tissue, so a person practically does not experience pain.
small tattoos and large compositions are popular. The forearm area is chosen to draw an image of a man and a woman. Women prefer to put inscriptions and symbols, elegant butterflies, birds and flowers. The original patterns on the hand on a woman they look unusual. In order to embellish the tattoo, it is necessary to develop a sketch of a drawing of a certain size on the forearm, taking into account the characteristics of the skin and the preferences of the client.
Popular options for men are styles:
new cheekbones;
trash polka;
If you need to mask a scar on the forearm, the best solution would be a work in black or a volumetric image in which the defect will become part of the composition. Women are more likely to choose bright drawings, men prefer the black.
To emphasize the relief of the muscles, a tattoo sleeve is suitable - a pattern that covers the arm from the shoulder to the elbow or to the hand. Black and white tattoos are done in blackwork, Polynesian, Celtic styles.