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Japanese-style tattoos + history, meaning of sketches, photos

Japanese-style tattoos + history, meaning of sketches, photos

A rather bright tattoo style in Japan - it is more than a hundred years old and enjoys incredible relevance. In addition, in the modern world, where it is increasingly difficult to find a person who does not have a tattoo.

Also, many do not stop at one. Every year this direction is moving forward, there are many styles, colors, sketches, etc But a drawing with the transfer of meaningSome personal beliefs or life goals will always remain popular.


Style, motive, plot of tattoos from different countries is completely different, each of them has its own meaning. The Japanese tattoo style is not entirely native to Japan, rather even to China, inspired artists put into the drawings the story of life, the battle of the man with the animal world, the delights of plants with flowers. From such images, the Japanese copied and added their own features, subtleties, semantic prejudices, and a new style was established.

The most important thread of the Japanese tattoo – this is to make it clear where the main meaning is traced, and where is the secondary one.

The main factors were curved images, and the secondary ones were bright and varied, with artistic lines and sharp angles, thus helping to show the figure more clearly and complement it.

It should be noted that the symbolism and subtext of each sketch has been and will remain, that is, a tattoo. stuffing in your body it will mean your life path or a comparison between you and a wild animal that unites you.

The Japanese are the first people who became attached importance to the location of the tattoo, on which area of the body and near which muscles. To provide perfect discretion, to give softness and dynamism.

The Japanese believe that a teddy bear tattoo changes you and your way of life, belief in religion, spiritual considerations and myths. The image on the body promises a change of nature in the direction that the image conveys.

sleeve with a dragon

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pattern all over the back

fish in the water

Popular drawings and their meanings

Each tattoo is unusual in its own way, but the statistics still make it possible to show which ones are the most popular and what meaning they carry.

All tattoos have their own meaning and character, from small to huge. In the Japanese style, a tattoo is a reflection of the spiritual state and belief in the mythical past.

  1. “Japanese carp” – this fish was considered the king among the rest of the aquatic world, it seems, how can a fish with colorful scales surprise people? But, thanks to the popularity in gastronomy, tattoo artists filled such sketch in the bodies of women and men. Such a tattoo differed from the rest in its colors and dynamics. The meaning of the image indicates that the owner is rapidly moving towards victory in all endeavors.
  2. «Japanese Dragon» - the most popular sketch, having received such fame, has the meaning of loyalty, magic and stubbornness. work. The dragon is the king of all animals in Japan.
  3. «Kintaro» – the image of a boy who fought for the freedom of the inhabitants and for justice. This image served as an object of imitation for the Japanese and they began to beat it on the body of brave men.
  4. «Japanese lion» – a symbol of protection and resistance. Denotes the guardian of the home, the battle for the peace and tranquility of his brothers and sisters.
  5. «Peonies» – the message of blossoming and lifting the spirit up, raising prosperity and profit. Gamblers fill in these tattoos to show everyone their courage and good luck.
  6. «Sakura» - a demonstration of this beautiful tree on oneself means the transience of life of each of us, during the wars in Japan , such tattoos were worn by warriors.
  7. “Maple leaves” - this image has many meanings, before implementation on your body, everyone chooses a semantic message for himself: is it boundless love or a battle? lifelong.
  8. «Rat» – does not mean a pest or an evil character, but a symbol of wealth and goodness. Such a message shows your desire, like rats, to get for yourself the necessary means of life - for animals it is food, for people - money.

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These and many other tattoos have their own meaning. Before completing this or that sketch, make sure that it is exactly what suits your judgment and conviction.

carp reincarnation


First of all, as all artists and writers show, a dragon is a fearless and courageous beast that burns everything in its path. The image of a dragon is not just a drawing invented by someone, it is a message associated with mysticism and myths.

The dragon comes from China, according to Karp Koi myths it had the ability to transform into a dragon.

It was an honor for warriors to wear clothes with the image of a dragon, thus they showed bravery to their enemies. Unlike Japan, in Europe such an image was considered a bad message, supposedly such a character was a plague, and when he appeared, everything was burned to the ground.

 reptile on the chest



Naturally, like all other tattoos with the image of an animal, the tiger it has its own symbolism, without losing a motley color scheme … Such coloring arouses the interest of observers.

The image, as a rule, is applied to large parts of the body so majestically that all connoisseurs of tattoos will appreciate such art.

In addition to the tiger, there are strange signs and prerequisites to complement the meaning of the image. Such a character means infinite strength and courage.

tiger on the shoulder

koi carp

The Japanese Koi Karp tattoo is one of the most desirable body designs for fans of this style. The story of such a sketch is simple, but original. A long time ago, carp fish was a delicacy, it was considered a very expensive and exquisite product.

Then there were myths about this fish that it is a symbol of longevity and happiness, profit and strength. In every house there was an image of a carp, this meant wealth and profitability in the family, and also personified the masculinity of the head of the family. Over time, different colors began to appear and their meaning changed dramatically.

Red-pink – a symbol of mom, black-gray – a father, pale pink – the daughter, and bluish is the son. The direct meaning is the ability to get out of any situation, to be quick and invulnerable. Also, this fish has an amazing ability to transform into a dragon.

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koi carp


The sketch itself is based on the culture and traditions of Japan. Sakura is the most charming and fascinating tree in the entire world. The flowering process of this tree is short-term, no more than three days, this is the whole meaning of the image on the body - the suddenness of the life of each of us.

Sakura life period - this is birth, flowering and fall, this is how a parallel is drawn between a plant and a person. Such a symbol is very sad, as if saying that it is worth cherishing every day and not missing the God-given moment.

Such tattoos were applied to the body of riches and emperors, which meant greatness and prosperity. If a sakura blossom is applied to the body of a women, speaks of her youth and beauty, not only external, but also spiritual. The essence is in the philosophy invented by Japanese chroniclers.

sakura tree



A bird called the Phoenix is an animal in most Japanese myths. Riddle, grace and deity - all these traits intersect in one character. The color of the bird is bright and variegated, golden wings with feathers of fire.

This tattoo serves as a talisman against all evil languages and deeds, it means the fight against evil spirits and

There are three types of images of this bird:

  • birth in fire, symbolizes immortality;
  • a bird in flight means will and freedom of action;
  • a phoenix crying over the wounds - relief of a person.

A similar tattoo is placed on the back, shoulders, ribs, hips.

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phoenix on the back



The samurai tattoo is more suitable for men than for girls, because many men want to be among the brave and reckless. A striking example of how to make such a tattoo is a samurai - a warrior inexhaustible in strength and courage.

Their communities owned a large amount of land captured from enemies or donated by their owners. The samurai was infinitely loyal to his master, the life of each of the rulers fell on his shoulders, and in the event that the master died, all responsibility was assigned to the samurai. This sketch can be done in different colors, not limited to black.

grim samurai

male sketches

Japanese tattoos have been popular for a long time. In general, these tattoos are applied by men, the sketches are almost always large. Sometimes the sketch is applied to the entire back or to the arm. In this way, the male sex is looking for an opportunity not to decorate himself, but to show resistance and express life goals.

Often the plot in tattoos is connected with legends or myths. with animals brave. Japanese tattoo allows you to depict every detail of the story, flexibly show the history and nature of the drawing. In most cases these are white and black, red colors, less often, brighter.

Style in this direction helps to demonstrate the strength and truth of being, courage and courage, all these traits must be possessed by a real man, the head of the family and a brave warrior of his time. Often these are Karp Koi, Dragon, Tiger and Samurai.

male sketch

buddha and koi carp


female sketches

Women are much less likely to go for a Japanese-style tattoo, as this is a serious challenge for their body. Most often, these tattoos do not have the image of animals, but plants, flowers.

Not everyone stuffs their back with a lotus flower, but it looks great on the woman's body. This is because such sketches are a mysterious hidden meaning, an expression of the state of mind and harmony with oneself. Sometimes it's a simultaneous combination of two characters, and sometimes just a certain character with his own story.

lily on the shoulder blade
turtle and color a


flowers along the arm

The entire back represents a phoenix and a sakura, this means poise and tranquility in the soul of the woman. Sakura, geisha, lotuses, peonies, snakes, fish and much more - the favorite sketches of Japanese women in tattoo style.


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