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Tattoo in the style of engraving + history, photo and meaning of tattoos

Tattoo in the style of engraving + history, photo and meaning of tattoos

The style of tattoo engraving originates from ancient times, so its popularity is understandable, since in the applied print it can depict not only a portrait or an animal, but also a creature or mythical gods, which will protect its owner.

Tattoo in the style of engraving gained active popularity in the 2000s, but in the last two years it has again been in demand, since the drawing is clearly drawn and expresses life positions. accessible and understandable.

history of the appearance

Engraving appeared a long time ago, in the 6-7 century. Initially, it was applied to materials: wood or metal. Subsequently, the drawings began to be represented in the body.

After the first tattoos in the style of engraving began to appear, the images began to improve and, in addition to primitive drawings, they began to apply landscapes. , animals, flowers.

portrait and boat

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engraved drawings
heart in the chest


The engraving is applied in a single color, rarely seen in color.

The entire image must be applied thin and drawn lines. Also, all elements of the image must be shaded. And the outlines are clear and monotonous, the size of the parts is small.

One of the best engravers is the Italian Marco C. Matarese. Some of his works are:

dancing statues
men's house on the shoulder
2 leg locks

Popular images and their meanings

V engraving style, the most common sketches are:

  • landscapes;
  • animals;
  • floors;
  • gentlemen;
  • boats;
  • images of skeletons and religious themes.

But if a person wants to apply his own image, which does not often fit into printed images, and the master can embody his plans, then you can safely make a tattoo that will be not only original, but also individual.


This type of tattoo can be interpreted in different ways, so before applying it it is necessary to study all the options for the designation of symbols.

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So that landscapes can symbolize:

  • love of travel and pioneering;
  • pessimistic outlook on human life and future;

landscape on the forearm

old paintings

Very often, the applied images of paintings carry a sacred meaning only for their owner.

Images can mean:

  • love for art;
  • love of nature;
  • love for an idol or deity;
  • an individual perspective on life.

The main thing is to find a qualified specialist who can bring any old painting to life.

black and white painting on the arm


Portraits apply:

  • in memory of loved ones;
  • in memory of times past;
  • to express life positions;
  • to attract energy, sometimes a portrait of someone can express the character of the owner of the tattoo, say, strength or courage.

For example, an Indian tattoo means independence, spiritual strength.

tattoo of a given portrait

mythical heroes

Inflicted mythical heroes should reflect the inner world of a person and his character.

You can apply an image:

  • Pegasus, symbolizes a connection with the other world;
  • centaur, denotes harmony and goodness;
  • cerberus, symbolizes the connection with dark forces and shows that a person is ready to cooperate with them;
  • sphinx, denotes wisdom, mystery and connection with another dark world.

mythical characters

male sketches

More often men like a nano engraving There are images of medieval people or creatures, abstractions or plants. Thus, they want to emphasize their status or show their character and views that go back to the traditions of ancient times.

Many men try to show masculinity and strength in drawing, so the master makes thick and clear lines, which indicate the firmness of a person's opinion.

Men's tattoos often look brutal and voluminous, so they are applied to conspicuous places: neck, shoulders or

male sketches
screaming bear
fish skeleton

ladies sketches

Women We make images of flora and fauna, mystical and mythological animals. Women's tattoos are slightly smaller than men's, they are drawn with lighter strokes and thin lines to emphasize the conciseness of the drawing, tenderness, sometimes - romance.

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It is the engraved style tattoo that looks organic on the skin, so there is no need to come up with pretentious images or bizarre attributes that will emphasize individuality. The tattoo itself has a sacred meaning and a mystery that can only be read by a master or knowledgeable person.

color s on the leg
the image of a bird
drawing of a buddha on the leg

Tattoo-style engraving can be applied to any part of the body, depending on the volume of the image. The big ones are applied in the back and the chest, sometimes on the shoulders. The small ones are applied to the wrist, abdomen either ankle. An engraved tattoo always looks stylish and original, suitable for both men and women.


In this video you can see what art engraving is:

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