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Trash polka style tattoo + history, meaning of sketches, photos

Trash polka style tattoo + history, meaning of sketches, photos

The thrash polka tattoo style is gaining huge popularity among fans of unusual tattoos. People of different ages choose an interesting direction, regardless of their gender and occupation. Tattoos can be used on the skin by anyone who is allowed by religion, work and customs. The characteristics of the steel pattern:

  1. brutality;
  2. colors bright;
  3. time stamp;
  4. aggressiveness;
  5. combination of red and black.

On people such tattoos produce a bewitching effect, from which it is impossible to understand whether it is admiration or disgust. The trend in art is seen as a challenge to the usual glamorous art. Drawings of this style show that in addition to butterflies and flowers, there are wars in the world, murders in the streets, problems that people still can't solve.

In general, this is an interpretation of the generally accepted with the non-accepted, the connection with the wrong. This is the main difference between this address and others.

a man cuts a television

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appearance history

Germany became the cradle of a new trend in the art of tattooing. This style was invented by a married couple. Since 1973, for several decades they have pursued their dreams. Only in the late 90s - early 2000s they managed to open their own salon, with their own developments and sketches.

This style is vaguely reminiscent of the newspaper. – magazine clippings, article sketches. As the authors themselves say, they managed to combine gypsy folklore with German.

The drawings consist of dark images, they can be supplemented or thought up with their own story. The style is constantly supplemented and updated with the own ideas of authors and masters of the modern genre. Regardless of how much the direction has now been supplemented, the main elements remain:

  • gloom;
  • sometimes absurd;
  • depressive elements;
  • anxiety;
  • protest;
  • fear.

Modern masters manage to weave this style with other styles, giving the tattoo its own personality.

Michael Cloutier is considered one of the best masters of thrash polka. These are some of his works:

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Collage Black Aesthetic Tattoos 3

boy and plant

gas mask and explosion

cyclops buck


These tattoos have their own style, which is the most in demand among rebels, thinkers and people with their own philosophy. Often, tattoos in the style of trash polka can be found among creative people, representatives of the subculture, and people who protest against the big system.

your dissatisfaction with something and emphasize your position in life.

For a person who does not know this direction, such drawings are perceived as poster illustrations with ink blots, a kind of collage.

Trash polka has its own characteristics that differ from other addresses. It is characterized by collage drawings on the base. With magazine stories, slogans and letters. With spots, spots and flower. The main color is black, with red spots that symbolize blood.

cat with cigarette


Popular images and their values

In order for the tattoo to look beautiful and legible on your body, you will need to give a large area of your body. For example, shoulder, back either chest. However, a forearm or one leg will also work.

The tattoo requires a lot of pigment, so you have to be prepared for a lot of modifications. Thanks to this, such a tattoo can hide its scars on the body.

Before deciding on a permanent pattern on the body, you can study the meaning of the common symbols:

  • lion – symbolizes masculinity;
  • wolf – loyalty, defending one's position;
  • skull – life and death are inevitable;
  • raven – wisdom, balance;
  • hours – the transience of life, history.

skull with a rose

triangle with one eye

For some, such a sign will become something mysterious, associated with God. Everything in the world does not go unnoticed, it sees everything and knows everything about everyone. One of the most powerful signs, denoting the eye of the Most High or the all-seeing eye, allows its owner to see a little more than others. Save fate and life.

eye in a triangle



One of the most common elements in this style. They count the time of each person from birth to death. They can be applied in different interpretations:

Hourglass – life goes from grain to grain, paying attention to each one. Solar, while the sun shines, life goes on. With arrows and a dial, a clear position in life, I know where and when to go. Antiquity - they can serve as an addition to the general pattern, or speak about the greatness of time in the client's life.

Depending on the choice of the clock, you can talk about how this time passes for everyone - stretching or running. Time cannot be bought or sold, everyone has their own and everyone should appreciate what they have at that moment. There will be no return time, it will be difficult to fix everything. For some it is a symbol: "live here and now, and what will happen tomorrow will be tomorrow."

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Collage Tattoos with White

clock and skull



This is the personification of the path to something closed. The key usually comes in a harness with a lock. Many couples lovers use it as a symbol of their loyalty and mutual love. For some carriers of the key on the body, it can be a symbol of a secret that they hide from others, or a reminder of something closed and mysterious.

This type of pattern is necessarily diluted with a brutal ornament. … The same image of the key can be made with carvings, with straight lines, with a layout.

plate key


A man, on whose body a raven is depicted, most likely emphasizes your masculinity, the ability to be a leader. For some, it is a symbol of pain, loss, and suffering experienced. The combination of a raven and a skull can symbolize death, fearlessness.

Details are an important component when drawing an image on the body. The main thing is the mood of the client, how he feels about this image, what emotions it evokes in him.

crow on the chest



You can put your favorite city on your torso so that it is always with you. But drawing a city can symbolize different things. Sitting in the back can indicate a place of birth or an important event in this city. A metropolis in hand can speak of the client's desire to visit it.

In order for such a tattoo to look great, it is best to apply it to large areas!

The landscape of the city can be applied to your body to hide scars, any irregularity in the skin. You can choose the size of the city yourself, depending on your wishes.

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city sketch

male sketches

Men often choose militant images: military equipment, planes, helicopters, helmets. Or with animals powerful. At the same time, the drawings are made more angular and with clear lines.

A man, most often, he chooses his back, stomach, calf to fill the image.

military operations
joker in batman


mickey mouse on the leg

sketches of women

Women try not to be inferior to men in their choice, but still prefer:

  1. a lot red;
  2. gypsy image with a rose;
  3. nuns with a fountain at the bottom;
  4. flowers (usually roses) mixed with black paint.

Women choose sides, dolls, thighs, neck, lower back, buttocks.

Before applying paint under the skin, you need to find out which symbols will be best combined with each other, study the meaning of each line.

Japanese woman on the shoulder


geisha on the side
crossed out rose

You need to be prepared for the fact that you doom your body in a hard creepy style for life.

Many tattoos are drawn to the trash polka style with a combination of bipolar concepts: madness and peace, feminine and masculine, brutality and femininity, purity of lines and "dirt". This style offers endless possibilities for creativity and thought, you can create your images based on those already used, capture your conscious fantasies on your skin. Each tattoo is selected individually, depending on your mood and your requests. The main thing is that your desire to "decorate" the body was completely deliberate.

This type of tattoo will be much more difficult to mark.


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