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+50 LOOSE BRAIDS【Fashion Ideas and How to Make Them】💇‍♀️

Collage Loose Braids

Loose hair with Braids: hairstyle options.

Every woman wants to always look perfect in any situation, especially her hair. But what if there is no time to create complex styling or visit a salon? In this case, loose hair with a braid will be a good alternative. It will not take more than 10 minutes to create such a hairstyle, but thanks to it you will look "100" in any situation.

43 Loose braids long hair with blonde highlights
43 Loose braids long hair with blonde highlights

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31 Loose braids on the sides
31 Loose braids on the sides

What will be required

Before doing loose hair with a braid, you must do a little preparation. It consists of the following actions:

  • hair wash;
  • hairstyle initial with brushing or hair dryer;
  • straighten the curls with a flat iron (optional).
27Loose Braids on top brown hair
27Loose Braids on top brown hair

To create such a hairstyle as loose hair with a braid, you will need a minimum of accessories, but you need to prepare them in advance so that nothing further distracts the "creative process." Tools needed:

  • ordinary comb brush;
  • comb-comb for separating strands;
  • clamps and clamps;
  • invisibles, elastic bands, hair clips;
  • hair spray;
  • hair ornaments or bows as desired.

In order for loose hair with a braid to look spectacular, it is necessary that the minimum length of the curls reaches the level of the shoulders. In another case, such a style is unlikely to work.

26 Loose Braids Greek Headdress brown hair
26 Loose Braids Greek Headdress brown hair
25 Loose Braids on both sides long hair
25 Loose Braids on both sides long hair

Loose hair with a braid edge is a hairstyle that will never go out of style. With this outfit you will look impressive both with your favorite jeans and with an elegant dress. How to weave a braid:

  1. Comb your hair well, separate a curl above the ear. It is better to collect the rest of the hair in a bun and secure it with an elastic band or a hairpin so that it does not interfere.
  2. It is better to braid the selected thread using the "French" method. To do this, divide the curl into three identical parts and create a braid with the addition of strands from the main hair strand. At the same time, you should not try to intertwine the strands too tightly, since the “light” braid will look more voluminous.
  3. We fix the resulting hairstyle with an invisible or comfortable elastic band.

If desired, this styling can be decorated with beautiful beaded or pearl hairpins or a spectacular bow.

24 Loose Braids Greek Type
24 Loose Braids Greek Type

Simple headband or Greek fabric

To create such a styling, you will need a minimum of effort and time, and in return you will get a fashionable bohemian hairstyle. To do this, separate a curl behind each ear and weave two simple spikelets. After that, wrap the braids around the head in the form of a rim and secure with invisibility, hiding the ends behind the main mass of hair.

23 Loose braids Greek type long hair
23 Loose braids Greek type long hair
23 Loose Greek type braids with hair up
23 Loose Greek type braids with hair up

Imitation of shaved temple

This style is very popular with stars from Hollywood. Loose hair with a braid on the side allows you to create a hairstyle to the fashion no drastic changes. After all, a shaved temple will grow back for a long time. And the fashion for such a style can pass very quickly. How to comb:

  1. Comb your hair into a large side part.
  2. Separate a wide section from the side where you will imitate.
  3. Braid a tight French braid to the level of the neck.
  4. Fix the resulting braid on the back of the head with the help of invisibility, located perpendicularly.
  5. Lightly curl your hair with a flat iron or curling iron.
  6. Fix the resulting hairstyle with varnish.

If you want to get a "rocker" version of a shaved temple, then instead of one braid, weave three French braids, but do not bring them to the neck, but to the back of the head.

Weaving «waterfall»

Loose hair with a braid at the back is a very popular style in recent years. To create it, you will need some skills, so if you want to create a similar style yourself, practice on someone else's hair first.

  1. Comb your hair well.
  2. Part your hair in a side parting.
  3. Take a small curl on one side and divide it into three parts.
  4. Begin the weaving process, and for this, direct the upper thread to the center, then transfer the lower part there.
  5. The next curl should be left, which must be woven into the braid, and in its place, separate a new thread from above and insert it into the braid.
  6. Therefore, it must be done to the middle of the head. In order not to lose the endings, you can continue knitting in the usual way. The principle of creating a “cascade” is that the upper curls are woven with the capture of new strands, while the lower ones remain free.
  7. Start knitting on the other side.

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Greek Haircuts

As soon as you get to the middle of the head, pin the two braids together invisibly. If you want to hide the connection, decorate your hair with a hairpin in the shape of a flower or lasso.

loose hair with frizz

There are situations when you need to look perfect, but there is no time left for braiding or creating another hairstyle. In this case, an elegant bouffant on loose hair will be an excellent alternative. To create such a hairstyle, you will need ten minutes of free time and a minimum of effort.

  1. Dry the washed hair well with a hairdryer.
  2. Lubricate the curls with a heat protectant and lightly twist the ends with a curling iron.
  3. We separate a small strand at the crown and fix it with clips.
  4. Immediately after this curl we form a stack.
  5. We release the thread from the clamp and put it on top.
  6. We transfer the entire strand of hair to the left side.
  7. We fix the curls on the back with the help of invisibility.

In order for the hairstyle to retain its shape for the maximum time, spray the final result with varnish or other fixing means. The soft romantic style is ready.

Loose hair with a braid - a soft and romantic version of the hairstyle

Romantic curls that gently fall to the shoulders have always attracted attention and have given a special charm to the owner of such a hairstyle. This styling combines practicality and elegance, because simply combing your hair will not be the slightest difficulty, and well-groomed, bright strands add sophistication to the image.

However, such a simple and uncomplicated style becomes very annoying over time; that is why the girls are looking for ways to somehow revive it. To do this, you can decorate your hair with a diadem, a bandage, a beautiful hairpin.

But why not experiment and add variety to that style? Braids with loose hair are a good combination. There are many options for such a hairstyle, therefore, with a little practice, you can surprise others with the uniqueness of your images every day.

Weave unusual braids

A loose hair braid will add some zest to the final image. Today there are many options for knitting. Most of this style is based on the French braid, the spikelet that is familiar to all of us. They differ in the number of braids, location, width and elasticity.

To get the perfect styling, you can seek the help of a professional hairdresser, but sometimes the price for a completely simple weave can be unpleasantly surprising, so it's better to learn how to do everything yourself.

greek braids

A combination of a Greek braid and loose hair is considered a universal option that is suitable for both an evening out and formal events. The particularity is that it is woven from ear to ear. Today, many options for such styling have appeared, using various methods of weaving, including French.

If you are the owner of curls whose length is below the shoulders, then you can safely experiment with different braids for loose hair. This is especially true for girls who constantly strive to look fresh and original.

Greek weaving is carried out along the border of hair growth, and the braid itself can resemble a certain border. The main advantage is that the hairstyle is suitable for any type of appearance, regardless of the shape of the face and the structure of the hair.

This style can be carried out, leaving the bangs or weaving them directly into the braid; in any case, everything will look attractive in its own way.

A spikelet with a grip from the outside is a reliable way to disguise a boring bang

Whatever one may say, here the braid will become the main accent and decoration, so it is necessary to approach its creation responsibly.

Advice! Long flowing hair always attracts attention, so in order for everything to look really impressive, it is important to monitor your health. After all, if they have split ends and are brittle, the initial impression is instantly spoiled, even despite the impressive length. Try to apply natural masks, treat the ends and nourish the strands with oils.

weaving waterfall

Today a very popular combination of French weaving is a cascade. Many world and national celebrities have repeatedly worn this hairstyle to attend social events. Everything looks especially attractive with pre-curled curls.

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Two Color Hair Collage Underlights

To make such a hairstyle, you must first learn how to weave an ordinary French braid, and only after practicing on someone it will be easier to understand the technique, and then repeat everything on your hair.

Waterfall connected to both sides in the center

To create this hairstyle, you need to arm yourself with the following tools that will help you carry it out qualitatively:

  • Comb: a brush to comb the hair well.
  • Comb: a comb with a thin tail to separate even extra strands.
  • elastic band, invisible for fixation.
  • hairpin, ribbon for decoration.
  • Patience and perseverance to get the best possible result.
  • The instructions for weaving a cascade are as follows:
    1. Comb your hair well.
    2. Part your hair to one side.
    3. Separate a narrow strand on one side and divide it into three parts, as you do to create a regular braid.
    4. Begin the weaving procedure: direct the upper thread to the center, then transfer the lower thread to the center.
    5. The thread to be woven into the braid should be left, and in its place a new narrow curl should be separated from below, which is inserted into the braid .
    6. Do this until you get halfway. You can continue to weave an ordinary braid so as not to lose the edge at the end. The principle of the cascade is that all the upper strands are intertwined with the capture of new curls, and all the lower ones remain free, as if a stream of water falling near a waterfall.
    7. Next, you need to start knitting on the other side.
    8. After everything comes to the middle, the parts need to be fixed to each other with the help of invisibility, if you do not want to focus on the connection, or with a beautiful hairpin in the form of a bow or flower.

    Advice! To make the weaving neater and smoother, while the hair does not fluff and fall apart, apply a small amount of foam or mousse to the hair. If there are none, then when weaving, moisten the hair with water from a spray bottle, if it has not been previously curled.

You can also create another, no less sophisticated version of the cascade, the weaving principle here remains the same as in the instructions described above:

    1. Comb the curls back without parting.
    2. The weaving itself should start from the side, parting the thread above the ear.
    3. The braid will have no gaps and will end on the opposite side.
    4. Carry out the procedure diagonally, if you do everything correctly, the braid will end at the bottom of the ear.
    5. The tip can be braided in the form of an ordinary braid and fixed with an elastic band, or it can be carefully hidden among the hair, securing everything with invisibility.

A braid and loose hair is the perfect combination both for day to day and for special occasions, it all depends on how you wear your hairstyle. In any case, this option looks sophisticated, giving a woman tenderness and femininity.

Don't be too lazy to practice such a hairstyle - soon you'll be spending a few minutes creating it, and you'll be hearing rave reviews all day long. The video in this article will introduce you to additional, no less interesting options for weaving braids on loose hair.

Braids with loose hair – beautiful and fashionable

Braids with loose hair are the perfect hairstyle for girls who prefer loose strands on their heads, but at the same time want to have an original and interesting look. This hairstyle creates an elegant and beautiful look. It is perfect for lovers of frequent hair changes. This way of braiding hair can be suitable for any occasion: vacation, a business meeting or just a walk with the family.

You will look very beautiful with loose hair that contains an element of weaving, especially braids are now in fashion.

The technology of weaving braids cannot be called simple. But attention and some training will show you that the result is really worth it. The braid can be a normal vertical one, and if you want to add a touch of originality to your hairstyle, you can make an upside-down herringbone, a Greek tail with a French braid, or braids on the side.

This hairstyle can also be found under the name of the Greek braid. In ancient Greece, it symbolized the femininity and aristocracy of her lover and was a sign of a woman's belonging to high society. This versatile hairstyle - loose hair with a braid will be appropriate in almost any situation. The owner of hair of any structure can be braided, it will look great on both straight and curly hair.

Step-by-step instructions for weaving a braided headband with loose hair:

  • Make a horizontal parting across the entire width and divide the hair into two zones, the lower part is fastened with a clip, the upper part is combed forward.
  • A part of the hair is separated from the temple, which is then divided into three strands.
  • start braiding
  • After a short space, the central strand should be held between the fingers, and the strand near the face should be pulled down and a still unused part of the hair should be added.
  • Weave so that the braid goes down and add strands only on one side, from the side of the face
  • During knitting, you can not deviate from the parting line and knit as close to it as possible.
  • When the weaving has reached the other side of the head, you should continue to weave a regular braid.
  • Tie the end of the braid with an elastic band.
  • Then the links are pulled out of the braid a little so that the resulting edging looks more magnificent.
  • Then the braid along the entire length is fixed with invisible.
  • If you want the braid not to fall out of the flow of loose hair, then you need to take a thin strand, connect it with the braid, and then fix it with an elastic band.

Side braid with loose hair

Another “popular hairstyle is a braid with loose hair” on the side. Such a braid can be the most diverse. Experienced hairdressers say that for a casual look it is better to choose the fishtail option, and for a festive celebration it is better to prefer the styling of an inverted French braid.

  • Part your hair on one side
  • Take part of the hair from the face and divide it into three strands.
  • First, a one-sided French braid is woven.
  • The weave goes to ear level and then transitions into a traditional three-strand braid.
  • The end is attached with a rubber band.
  • If necessary, the hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Option number 2 – “spikelet with loose hair” from the side

  • Comb the hair well and sprinkle with a special spray or just water to facilitate subsequent weaving.
  • If there is an explosion, it must be separated and secured with a clip
  • If you are right-handed, you need to start from the upper left corner of the head, for left-handers - vice versa.
  • Separate a strand of medium thickness, divide into three parts, as usual, and begin to weave a simple braid.
  • It will look most effective if you weave in, bringing the strands down under the bottom of the braid.
  • When knitting in the third movement, a thin thread is added from the side of the beginning
  • Weaving continues as long as there is hair on the highlighted part of the spikelet.
  • It is better to squeeze the spikelet more tightly in order to avoid hair decay.
  • When the weaving has reached the bottom of the head, an ordinary braid is woven.
  • The end is fixed with an elastic band.

Create braids and make new ones hairstyles It is a very exciting and creative process. Such “hairstyle for loose hair with weave” will be very beneficial and unusual to look at the owner of any medium or long hair.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles for every day with loose hair

Hairstyles for every day with flowing hair look very beautiful. You can look romantic and elegant, at the same time fashionable and sophisticated. Every day can be completely different if you wish. You can try different images, but do not spend a lot of time on your transformation.

Before combing your hair, think about all the details; this will facilitate your work process and avoid possible unpleasant surprises. Fantasize, think over all the necessary elements in advance, only in this case you will be irresistible.

A very original option for using a braid in a hairstyle with loose hair can be braided bangs or just a strand of hair near the forehead. It is quite simple and at the same time very cute.

Take a small section of hair and braid it around your head French style. Pin the section under the rest of your hair to prevent it from unraveling and gently comb the rest of your hair. The hairstyle is ready.

How to Make a Loose Greek Braid (Video):

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