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The +30 Best Ideas for Hair Color【Turquoise】💙💙💙

Turquoise Hair Color Collage

We bring you a compilation of ideas for Turquoise Hair, in all shades and sometimes combined, in a variety of hairstyles, ordered from Major to Minor according to the shades most liked by our Users:

For whom is turquoise hair suitable?

Spring is a time of change and bright colors. When, if not in the spring, you can change your image and decide on a turquoise hair color. Yes, the offer is, of course, extravagant, but the fashion of 2021 dictates the most unusual stylistic decisions. Before we follow them, let's try to figure out who suits a similar color.

1 TOP 1 turquoise hair with large long braid
1 TOP 1 turquoise hair with braid big long

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2 TOP 2 medium long turquoise hair
2 TOP 2 medium long turquoise hair

The question of the color scheme is individual, and if some girls are faced with turquoise, then others need to play with the color scheme in order to achieve a harmonious combination. There are some general rules for choosing colors bright.

  • Turquoise hair is more suitable for young girls with blond hair and blue eyes. This combination will create a delicate and vivid image at the same time.
  • Calm blue color is suitable for women with fair skin and regular facial features.
  • Dark-haired or dark-skinned girls should give preference to saturated shades of dark blue.
  • From all of the above, only one conclusion follows, turquoise hair color is for every girl, you just need to choose the right shade and method of coloring.

Interesting fact! Psychologists believe that women and men who choose bright unnatural colors suffer from inattention. Believe it or not, it's up to you, maybe you just want to be trendy.

3 TOP 3 medium length turquoise hair brown roots matching heart shaped glasses
3 TOP 3 turquoise hair medium length brown roots matching glasses in the shape of heart
4 TOP 4 wavy turquoise hair over brown
4 TOP 4 wavy turquoise hair over brown

Top Tips From Editors

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, then you should pay special attention to the shampoos and balms that you use. A frightening figure: in the 96% gear popular brands of shampoos there are components that poison our body. The main substances, due to which all the problems, are indicated on the labels as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate, PEG.

Recently, the experts of our editorial staff conducted an analysis of sulfate-free shampoos, where the funds of the Mulsan Cosmetic company took the first place. The only manufacturer of completely natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. 

5 TOP 5 dark turquoise wavy hair blue eyes to match
5 TOP 5 dark turquoise wavy hair blue eyes to match

coloring options

All girls are different, someone is ready for a radical change, others are just trying to make bold decisions for themselves. For each character, you can find the correct way to apply the color.

  • Full coloring is suitable for those who are willing to “defy” society. In this case, you can do not monochrome color, but use overflows of shades, shatush techniques.
  • If you want shine, but you are not ready to dye your hair completely, you can use dye and make only individual strands of turquoise color. In this case, there are also several options: the curls can frame the face for more emphasis, or hide in a strand of hair, then they will be visible only when the entire volume is moved.

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Collage Hair Colors 2
6 Turquoise Hair Medium Length Layered Cut
6 Turquoise Hair Medium Length Layered Cut
  • Perhaps the most popular way today is to dye the tips. It differs favorably in that it does not require a strong change in the image, the ends of the hair can always be cut and return to the natural color. By the way, the fashion trend is to mix colors. Pink-blue or turquoise with violet are excellent combinations.
  • There are times when such a color change is necessary for only one day, for example, for a holiday or a theme party. Then it is best to use crayons or mascara, with them the color will remain on the strands until the first rinse.
  • To determine the type of coloring, you can consult with a stylist or look at photos of models on the Internet. When selected, you just have to choose the artist. There are two options here: professional or DIY paint application. In the first case, one can only advise to give preference to proven salons, good specialists. In the second, you will need the advice of professionals.
7 waist length wavy turquoise hair
7 waist length wavy turquoise hair

DIY Turquoise Hair: Important Tips

There is one important nuance in color staining - if it is done incorrectly, you will get a completely different shade. This is how turquoise can turn muddy or swampy green. To avoid this, follow the rules below.

  1. Before the procedure, dark hair must be lightened. In this case, the exposure time of the clarifier will depend on the density and natural color of the hair. For light blond and blond hair, such a preparatory stage is not required.
  2. Pay attention to the type of paint you are using. Natural dyes, such as those from Manic Panic, are absolutely safe for hair, but require prolonged exposure. To create a bright shade, you will have to wait 5 hours, for a light shade - 2-3 hours.
  3. After applying the composition to your hair, forget about metal hairpins. The material may react with the stain and the result will be unpredictable.
  4. Wash your hair the day before dyeing, the dye will adhere better to dirty hair and less traumatic for the skin due to the protective sebum layer.

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Greek Haircuts

Choose Tincture

Not all large manufacturers have turquoise hair dye, because the demand for it is not that great. However, there are firms that specialize in bright colors.

  • "Manic Panic". We have already mentioned it, this American company is considered a leader in the market for bright hair dyes. Atomic turquoise color is exactly what you need to create turquoise hair. Ammonia-free dye does not spoil the hair, the price of such a product is 1200 rubles for 118 ml.
  • Another representative of the US market is the Lunar Tides company . She represents various shades in this range. The color of the sea witch is light, slightly bluish. The Smokey Teal model is suitable for dark-haired girls, as it is a muted “dusty” turquoise. There is also a similar tool for 1200 rubles for 118 ml.
  • «Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color» brings not only the effect of dyeing, but also lamination of hair. Color B13 is suitable for future Malvinas. The cost of a 230 ml bottle is 1200 rubles.
  • The company, which only produces brightly colored paints, has the name correspondent "Crazy Colors" . Here you can choose the shade that you like the most: Blue Jade, Peppermint or Blue Jujube. The price of 100 ml is 950 rubles.
  • All presented dyes are semi-professional, without ammonia, so you do not have to worry about the condition of your hair. The only thing to remember is that the lightener that you use before dyeing cannot be used often, it can “burn” the hair.

staining steps

When the method is chosen and the paint is purchased, it remains only to carry out the procedure itself. First of all, prepare your workplace, stock up on tools, you should have enough time.

Advice! Do not schedule any important events for the night of the coloring day or the next morning, because the result may be unexpected.

  1. On previously clarified strands, apply the tinting composition starting from the roots and going down along the entire length.
  2. Then comb your hair with a comb and rub the dye in with your fingers, so that the dye adheres more securely.
  3. Put your hair up and make a bun. You must wear a shower cap or a plastic bag on your head. You can also use cling film.
  4. The minimum time to obtain a brilliant shade is 3 hours, read the instructions for a specific dye, it may take longer.
  5. To fix the pigment, rinse the curls with vinegar, and then rinse the paint with cold water.
  6. Dry your hair naturally.

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Collage Home Remedies for Hair

Now you are a girl with turquoise hair. But high-quality staining is not all, because without careful maintenance the color will quickly wash out and acquire an undesirable shade.

rules of care

There are two main areas of care for colored hair: protecting color from washing and keeping hair healthy.

After the procedure, it is worth choosing a sulfate-free shampoo for yourself, it is desirable that it be indicated that the product is suitable for colored curls. Pay attention to hair protectors, sun rays, sea or chlorinated water kills the coloring pigment, so use a protective spray or mousse before going to the sea or going to the pool. The same rule applies to going outside in hot weather.

It is a mistake to assume that the less you wash your hair, the longer the color will last. The skin continuously secretes oil, which is distributed through the hair, contributing to the formation of new scales. That is, the hair is renewed and the color disappears.

To maintain the correct shade, it is advisable to occasionally use tint balms. Also, do not forget that your hair needs additional hydration, so nourishing masks should be applied at least twice a month.

Keep in mind that these bright hairstyles require a certain image. You will have to give up makeup in warm colors and flashy bright things, they will make the image too challenging.

Now you know what awaits you after dyeing turquoise. If you are ready to attract the attention of passers-by, as well as take care of a new hairstyle, do not be afraid of change. Pay attention to the recommendations of professionals, then you will look irresistible every day.

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