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Wine Color Curls !❤️❤️❤️【Current Hairstyle Trends the Best 20 ideas】

Collage Curls Wine Color

A bright and rich shade can be obtained without even being a stunning blonde, a fiery brunette or a fiery red, this time we will be looking at Wine Red with Curls!!!.

By the way, do you know why burgundy hair is called that? It is a tonality similar to the wine from the Bordeaux vineyards. In fact, there are many similar shades that can be called burgundy. Let's say different shades of wine, red-red, mahogany, purple and marsala.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts 1
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 1

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Wine Color Curls Haircuts 2
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 2

Burgundy hair can be the most magical and mysterious of all shades of red. The colors Burgundy and burgundy hair color are part of a deep, unique shade that beautifully complements your face. They remind us of a delicious glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Burgundy and burgundy hair tones can be part of all sorts of looks, with some options as diverse as Game of Thrones or Rianni looks. Regardless of the style you choose, there's no denying that women with burgundy hair will never take a backseat.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts 3 Smoothie
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 3 Smoothie

To help you achieve amazing burgundy or burgundy hair, we've created the ultimate guide. To get started, we'll help you choose the perfect shade for your skin tone. We will explain how you can dye your hair burgundy at home, and we will also give some tips on how to preserve it after dyeing it.

We will also see how to remove burgundy hair dye. You can also find plenty of makeup and fashion tips here, since burgundy is more than just a hair color, it requires a style all its own. Finally, as always, we want you to be inspired by some of the hairstyles brightest burgundy, burgundy and maroon.

Wine Colored Curls Haircuts 4 Longer Small Curlers
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 4 Longer Curlers little ones
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 5
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 5

Choosing the best burgundy shade for your skin tone

In order to choose the right hair color, first of all, you need to understand what these colors are, and what are their shades.

First of all, we have burgundy hair. A tone red dark with a touch of violet, which makes it fresher. He name It comes from the French region of Burgundy, which is famous for its wine.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts 6
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 6

The most popular burgundy hair tones are Cabarnet, Auburn Burgundy, Claret, a reddish brown with hints of brown, Cordovan, which has more brown pigments than true burgundy colors, Cranberry, which has undertones roses, Maroon, auburn red, and Merlot, which is slightly lighter and redder than burgundy.

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Collage Hair Colors Violet Magenta 1
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 7
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 7
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 8
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 8

Burgundy hair colors for warm skin tones

The next thing to do is determine your skin tone. The easiest way to do this is to look at your veins and see what color they appear on your skin.

If your skin is warm undertone, it means it has a more yellow tint to it, so your veins will be slightly greenish or blue-green. In this case, it would be better to go for more neutral shades like burgundy or wine, which will look bright without contrast.

Burgundy hair can also make very warm skin appear yellowish. This is especially true for fairer skin tones, the darker your skin tone, the less likely burgundy hair is to give you a yellow cast.

The same happens with the olive skin, which can be recognized by its very green veins. It can look really green if you put reddish purples like burgundy next to it.

This is because green and purple are opposites on the color wheel. This is a good effect on clothing, but not on hair or skin.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts 10
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 10
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 11
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 11

Choosing burgundy colors for cool skin tones

If your skin tone is cool, it means you have a rosy undertone, which you can recognize by more purple veins. You can play with both cooler boron tones and neutral tones.

The same can be applied if you have truly neutral skin that can be recognized by bluish veins.

It doesn't matter how light or dark your skin may be. Light and blue skin tones tend to look great with burgundy hair tones.

That being said, if your skin is very pale, deep burgundy hair can give you a slightly dark gothic effect. Even though your skin is too dark, burgundy hair color will perfectly balance your appearance.


Collage Tint Burgundy Red Wine Red

Keep this in mind when choosing your particular shade of burgundy hair color. But you'll also be happy to know that there are no special rules.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts 12
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 12
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 13
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 13

How to dye your burgundy hair at home

A distinctive feature of burgundy hair is that it usually does not require pre-bleaching. For lighter hair colors, you should use both bleach and burgundy hair dye to get the right shade. Because the burgundy color is so deep that normally burgundy hair dye is all it takes to achieve a great result.

That being said, only an experienced hairdresser can really give you complex burgundy hair with a mix of lighter and darker shades that will leave your hair shiny, voluminous and healthy.

When you dye your hair at home with just one color, the effect will always be flatter than what a colorist can achieve by creating curls with different burgundy hair dyes.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts 14
Wine Color Curls Haircuts 14
Wine Brown Curls Haircuts
Wine Brown Curls Haircuts

How to maintain burgundy hair color?

Various shades of red hair, including dark burgundy hair, lose their color much faster. That is why a good careful of the hair is so important to keep the burgundy color looking fresh and to maintain the overall health of the hair.

The less you wash your hair, the healthier it will be. This is doubly true if you've dyed your hair a quickly fading shade like burgundy. If you can, the ideal is to wash your hair once or twice a week. But definitely don't wash your hair more than a day later.

When choosing a shampoo, be sure to buy a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are strong detergents that can dry out your hair and speed up bleaching, so try to avoid them.

Treat your burgundy hair regularly with a repairing conditioner. It will help keep your burgundy color vibrant and intense.

Hair after dyeing loses protein and becomes dehydrated, making it brittle. Therefore, do deep nutrition treatments - this is the key to increasing your strength. Protein treatments are your best option, especially if they contain coconut oil for your hair.

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Collage Cabello Morado

You can also use dry shampoo to keep your hair longer. It will absorb oils from your scalp and keep your hair clean longer without fading.

You should also protect your burgundy hair color from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and chlorinated water by wearing a hat when outdoors and a swimming cap when in the pool.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts with parting in the middle
Wine Color Curls Haircuts with parting in the middle
Short Wine Color Curls Haircuts to the shoulder
Short Wine Color Curls Haircuts shoulder

How to remove burgundy hair dye

It is difficult to remove shades from burgundy hair color, but if you want to change your hair color, unfortunately, it is not possible to simply recolor your hair. First you need to get rid of the burgundy color to paint them in a new color.

If it is not about desire, but about regret, as soon as you saw how burgundy hair looks on you, you realized that it was not for you, then you need to act after the fact. The sooner you do this, the more thoroughly the burgundy hair dye will be removed.

Wine Color Curls Haircuts Lots of Volume
Wine Color Curls Haircuts Lots of Volume
Very dark Wine Color Curls Haircuts
Very dark Wine Color Curls Haircuts
Haircuts Curls Wine Color Type disheveled
Haircuts Curls Wine Color Type disheveled

Fashion tips for burgundy hair

  • Remember that your burgundy hair is now part of your look, so when choosing colors for your clothes, remember that burgundy will always be a part of your color scheme.
  • If you prefer a neutral style, the black It's always classy, but you can also wear white, beige, cream, khaki, and brown.
  • Solid colors worn with burgundy can have a very romantic effect.
  • Colors that look good on their own when paired with burgundy hair include yellow, orange, turquoise, green, and blue. Purple looks great with burgundy.
  • Beware of olive and green. They complement your hair, which means they can look amazing with it, or they can destroy all harmony, so be careful.
Wine Colored Curls Haircuts Various Hairstyles
Wine Colored Curls Haircuts Various Hairstyles
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