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BEAUTIFUL Silver Anklets 【+ 35 Images of this Trend】❤️📿❤️

Collage Silver Anklet

Silver anklets on the leg: how do you wear anklets?

The anklet, or leg bracelet, is an ornament with a deep history.

In jewelry stores, at fashion shows, you can increasingly see a new piece of jewelry - bracelets for the legs. It should be noted that in this case, the concept of new is not entirely relevant. For the generation of the 90s, this decoration is a kind of symbol. It is a mixture of various styles, trends and fashion cultures. In the spring-summer season, the leading fashion houses are actively introducing bracelets for the slightly forgotten legs into their collections.

169 Silver and diamond anklet with a heart of diamonds
169 Silver and diamond anklet with a diamond heart

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The first evidence of the existence from bracelets on the legs comes of Sumerian culture. According to scientists, women emphasized their high financial position with jewelry. Ancient Egyptian fashionistas wore anklets regardless of their financial status. The wealthy nobility could afford jewelry made of precious metals, while the poorer part of the population used inexpensive bracelets made of silver, iron, and beads as amulets and charms.

154 Silver and diamond anklet with a star shape and pendants
154 Silver and diamond anklet with a star shape and pendants

indian anklets

Since ancient times in India, anklets have been the most important attribute of ladies' baths. Unmarried girls wore jewelry around their ankles. For married women, the bracelet was connected by a chain with a toe ring. And the dress of today's traditional Indian bridal includes payal ( payal ), as the leg bracelet is called in India. Indian dancers adorn their feet with bell bracelets that make a soft sound as they move as they dance. Today Indian anklets are still one of the important fashion accessories of modern Indian women.

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Examples of anklets in Indian style:

123 Silver anklet with diamonds and a heart pendant
123 Silver anklet with diamonds and a heart pendant

Anklets entered the European fashion as "anklets."

Leaving the homeland, anklets began their triumphal march in Western countries from the end of the 20th century. the fashion of the anklet (anklet – the English name for leg bracelets) was introduced into popular culture by American women. European fashionistas appreciated them.

Gold anklet and glass beads Now Indian bracelets of various shapes and sizes are firmly taking their place in various jewelry around the world. And if in ancient India they used to be made of silver, considering gold as the metal of God, and wearing it on the lower part of the body as a manifestation of disrespect, today anklets can be made of a variety of materials. Elegant silver and gold chains, beautiful bracelets made of carved wood, decorated with beads, rhinestones, shells or semiprecious stones - modern designers actively use Indian motifs.


120 Silver anklet and blue stone butterflies
120 Silver anklet and blue stone butterflies

What does the ankle bracelet mean?

Despite the fact that in the East they used to decorate both legs, in the West the fashion of wearing a bracelet on only one took root. There is an opinion that on the right leg, women of the oldest profession wear a bracelet, and on the left anklet it is equated to a wedding ring. In fact, hardly anyone takes such claims seriously today. Ancient traditions have been transformed and today it is just a decorative decoration, at least in the West and in Europe.

If you really want to give importance to the bracelet on your leg, you can make a so-called charm bracelet (from the English word charm – charm). Attached to the chain, thematic pendants, which are symbolic of the owner, will help to create an individual anklet.

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Silver anklet tied to the toe with many chains
Silver anklet tied to the toe with many chains

How to wear anklets

Silver anklets are worn with trendy skirts or dresses, shorts or leggings (or cropped skinny jeans). Strictly designed chains made of precious metals can even be combined with a business style - shoes and a suit, sometimes they are even worn under stockings, but everything will depend on the corporate culture of the company. Anklets add style, sexiness, and a major accent to your overall look without having to invest too much in accessories. If you wear the leg bracelets correctly, you will look amazing.

A typical anklet is usually slightly larger than the ankle, and the decorative items that dangle from it are fastened in such a way that they fall just below the ankle. It is important to choose the right size so that the bracelet does not fall off the leg. , but don't put it together either, it will look ugly.

Silver anklet with diamonds
Silver anklet with diamonds

The models of silver anklets are very diverse. These can be items made of gold or silver, leather or pearl bracelets, bracelets made of various natural materials.

The culture of decorating legs with bracelets, for example, in the East, has its roots in the deep past. Unusual examples of this decoration were discovered during excavations in the tombs of Mesopotamia, on the site of the ancient state of the Sumerians. Jewelers in Mesopotamian cities made leg bracelets from various metals and inlaid various stones.

Silver anklet with the infinity symbol pearls and diamonds
Silver anklet with the infinity symbol pearls and diamonds

Today, jewelry stores can offer a wide variety of models of silver anklets for every taste. It is easy to buy this product, but in order to create an exquisite and unusual image with it, in order to use it correctly, for this you need to follow certain recommendations.

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An anklet made of gold, inlaid with stones, can be considered a certain indicator of social status. Gold anklets are usually a fancy chain that is gently wrapped around the ankle once or twice. Stylists recommend that adult women wear profiles only on special occasions. An ordinary, everyday meeting in a cafe or a vacation walk along the beach definitely has nothing to do with such cases. But a party or a romantic dinner is a great occasion to deck yourself out in this jewel, combining it ideally with evening shoes.

Silver anklet with fluorescent blue stars
Silver anklet with fluorescent blue stars


Silver anklet in the shape of chains
Silver anklet in the shape of chains


Silver anklet with the word love
Silver anklet with the word LOVE


Silver anklet with infinity symbol and sky blue balls
Silver anklet with infinity symbol and sky blue balls

The silver anklets they will be a great addition to a casual look . It is they who will give the everyday look a light note with a slight boho flavor. Such a piece of jewelry will perfectly fit into the image of a girl. Wear bracelets with summer sandals and fly fast to conquer the streets of your cities!

Silver anklet with triangle pendant
Silver anklet with triangle pendant


Silver anklet with a medallion
Silver anklet with a medallion

Large beaded bracelets can be a great addition to an ethnic look or complement a modern bohemian look. Stylists suggest wearing such bracelets with light summer sneakers or beach shoes.

The traditional Indian bracelet – payal is connected to the ring on the toe. This profile is ideally worn barefoot. This bracelet, in its appearance, resembles sandals, only without the sole. This option is widely used by brides who organize a wedding celebration on the beach. Payal is the perfect elegant wedding accessory.

Minimalist Silver Anklet with Heels
Minimalist Silver Anklet with Heels


Silver anklet and dangling eyes
Silver anklet and dangling eyes
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