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The meaning of a rose tattoo: what does a rose tattoo mean?

The meaning of a rose tattoo: what does a rose tattoo mean?

In this article we will move on to an interesting topic, the meaning of a rose tattoo, the most popular image on the body, both among women and men. Why is this flower so attractive for more than the first millennium?

History in different countries

  • In China – youth, flowering, aroma.
  • In Egypt – ideal love. It was often used in sacred and mystical rituals dedicated to the goddess Isis.
  • In Greece – love, and therefore it is called the companion of Aphrodite.
  • In Rome – an indication of the rapid flow of life.
  • In Europe – a sacrament, unknown, a symbol of nobility and the king.

But different denominations assigned their values to this flower.

  • Christians – mercy;
  • Islam – the blood of the prophet and his children;
  • Buddhists – endowed with triple power.

Freemasons and Templars combined with a cross.

Tattoo Rose tattoo next to an anchor on shoulder
tattoo rose tattoo

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What does it mean?

The rose symbolizes passionate and fiery love, eternal youth and imperishable beauty. It is believed that the owners of such a tattoo have an arrogant disposition and are dominated by their passions and experiences.

concept in the area

Representatives of the criminal world, in an effort to stand out from the general mass, were not particularly interested in the meaning of a flower, neither in Europe nor in the Orient.

They had their own symbolism, which sometimes does not fit into the common sense of ordinary people.

As for the rose, only the wind rose was valuable to the prisoners.

Wind rose tattoo
Wind rose tattoo

color differences

The color of the tattoo also matters. He red It is a symbol of Jesus Christ and the personification of mercy and forgiveness, as well as love and passion.

He black It's romance mixed with sadness pain loss.

The Goths identified black with death, and the anarchists declared it a symbol of struggle. Blue color – unattainable and uniqueness, the habit of breaking stereotypes.

Tattoos of Black Roses on Hands【Meaning and 50 ideas to inspire you HERE 👈】

Collage Tattoos of Black Roses on Hand
Black rose tattoo on neck under chin
Black rose tattoo on neck under the chin

male sketches

A tattoo in the form of a rose does not have a gender difference: both men and women choose between spontaneously – “I just liked it” – or put a deep meaning – joy, love, rebirth or longing, sadness of separation. Each have their own associations.

In ancient times, the rose acted as a male flower.

These days, such a tattoo design is chosen by a man whose heart is not free. Brutal males combine it with images of animals (wolf, tiger, scorpion, dragon) or various symbols (geometric shapes, fire, weapons). The result is complex visual designs.

Tattoo rose tattoo on both hands
Tattoo rose tattoo on both hands
red rose on forearm
red rose in forearm
Rose and star figures on the man's chest
rose and figures stars in it chest of man

sketches of women

Rose tattoo girls are love and expression of feelings. The beauty of a tattoo can emphasize the style and personality of its owner. The colors bright suggest sensuality.

Pink Rose Tattoo on the clavicle of a Woman
Pink Rose Tattoo on the clavicle of a Woman
Red rose on woman's shoulder
red rose in shoulder of women
Rose tattoo on women meaning on the side of the back
Rose tattoo on a woman meaning on the side of the back

popular combinations

The tattoos of roses composition is often combined with other images. Depending on the combination, the drawing acquires a certain meaning, and a person who understands the symbols can tell about the owner of the tattoo some details from his life. Let's consider some options for such combinations.

with a skull

It is understood that a rose next to the skull it is a symbol of the loss of a loved one, as Tattoos were sometimes accompanied by the application of names.

A tattoo in combination with the image of a skull, money and a snake in men in prison it means a violent criminal life and, most likely, thief in law.

Tattoo and meaning of Rose with a skull and a snake
Tattoo and meaning of Rose with a skull and a snake

with dagger

A dagger and a rose applied to the body They will tell about passionate, frantic feelings, about love crashed against a cruel reality and about hopes that have not been fulfilled.

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Collage Tattoos of Colorful Butterflies
Rose Tattoo on the Forearm with a dagger
Rose Tattoo on the Forearm with a dagger

with barbed wire

A torn wire by a rose means the desire to rid the world of violence and war.

A flower entwined with barbed wire means that its owner has served 18 years in prison.

In a man, the image at the bottom of the fence also indicates that he has reached the age of majority in the area, and the number of bars in the fence was equal to the number of years in prison.

Barbed wire rose tattoo
Barbed wire rose tattoo

popular places

The man himself determines which part of the body he will decorate with a plush pattern. Young men do it on the forearm – to draw attention to the size of the biceps, women – on the ankle so that others notice their slender legs, someone chooses the tailbone – the so-called “look at my ass”. The options are countless. Let's try to determine the meaning of the tattoo based on its location.


If a tattoo with roses without thorns flaunts on the forearm - this is a sign of a lover. The presence of thorns means that this is a person with a subtle mental structure. A blooming flower tattoo speaks of longing and despondency, a bud speaks of fame and popularity, a stem speaks of endurance, the leaves speak of joy.

The female essence will demonstrate a cocoon-shaped drawing with sharp thorns.

In the criminal world, a tattoo on a man's forearm, next to a woman's head and a knife, is a symbol of the intention to take revenge to the bitter end. .

Tattoos of【Stars】and Meaning

Collage Star Tattoos 1
Rose tattoo on forearm
Rose tattoo on forearm


Drawing a picture on the leg means a person's desire to find his direction in life.

The tattoo on top of the thigh of women is intimate and characterizes her as a passionate nature. and sexual. Standing closer to the knees has a neutral meaning.

Men generally do not put roses on their legs, they prefer more masculine and fresh designs.

A tattoo on the thigh of a woman in prison signifies that she is involved in the sexual gratification of other women.

Rose Tattoo on Woman's Thigh
Rose Tattoo on Woman's Thigh


A rose on the neck is a demonstration that a person considers himself the owner of something hidden and real for him personally. A symbol of insecurity and vulnerability.

In most cases, where the tattoo will be located - on the arm, leg, neck or wrist - the person determines himself.

To attract attention, for mystery, make a tattoo in open, constantly visible areas, or moving opening. In order to hide their most intimate feelings, girls often get tattoos on the most intimate parts of the body, covered with clothes.

Rose Tattoo on the Neck of a Woman
Rose Tattoo on the Neck of a Woman

Drawing conclusions, we can say that the meaning of a tattoo in the form of a rose is multifaceted and sometimes diametrically opposed. Well, that's what we are: people. But still, take a risk, get at least a temporary "tattoo" -rozochka and experience something new, unusual in life. All kinds of rose tattoo sketches which we have collected for you in a separate article – choose.


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