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Small tattoos for women and men: 250+ mini tattoos

small tattoos for women collage

Small tattoos for women they are getting more and more popular every year〰. There is a separate category of people who only get mini tattoos. Each person has their own reasons for it. Someone cannot get a great tattoo because of their position in society. Does anyone have a threshold? pain so underrated that it cannot tolerate a full session. And some are just fans of minimalism.

Each has its own reason and it is not really important. The main thing is that there is a way out for each of them. A small tattoo allows you to take your wishes into account and remain involved in tattoo culture. And you don't even have to conform to a certain style. Their selection is almost as large as that of common tattoos.

An additional advantage is the price. A small tattoo will cost much less.

small tattoos for women

I think not for It is no secret that small tattoos are more common among girls. And there are many options for its execution. beautiful flowers, animals, objects: everything you want can be drawn in a small size. The part of the body where the tattoo will be filled doesn't matter either.

A good example is Rihanna's small tattoos.

Beautiful Small Tattoos for Women:

Small angel wings tattoo on wrist 68
Small angel wings tattoo on doll 68

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Small tiny heart tattoo 104
small tattoo heart tiny 104
Small heart and rose tattoo 89
Small heart and rose tattoo 89
Small angel wings tattoo on finger
Small angel wings tattoo on finger
Small happy face tattoo on fingers woman
Small Happy Face Tattoo on Fingers women
Small delicate flower tattoo on the back 135
Small delicate flower tattoo on back 135
Small Tattoo two moons and 3 stars on arm 64
Small Tattoo two moons and 3 stars in arm 64
Small electro tattoo on finger 107
small tattoo electro on finger 107
Small tattoo on foot do it anyway
Small Tattoo on foot do it anyway
Small ghost tattoo on ankle 39
small ghost tattoo on ankle 39
Small flower tattoo on the side of the back 63
Small flower tattoo on the side of the back 63
Small tattoo flowers behind the ear 63 1
Small tattoo flowers behind the ear 63 1
Small Tattoo inscription on finger
Small Tattoo inscription on finger
Small Tattoo inscription love me 50
Small Tattoo inscription love me 50
Small Tattoo Arabic letter M 45 1
Small Tattoo Arabic letter M 45 1
Small tattoo letters on both wrists ay pr 45
small tattoo letters on both wrists ay pr 45
Small Tattoo Roman letters on finger
Small Tattoo Roman letters on finger
Small Tattoo moon and small inscriptions 73
small tattoo moon and small inscriptions 73
Small butterfly tattoo on wrist
small tattoo butterfly on wrist
small butterfly tattoo
small butterfly tattoo
Small Tattoo for friends on wrist storm star lightning and water 52
Small Tattoo for friends in doll storm star lightning and water 52
Small small wing tattoo on ankle
Small small wing tattoo on ankle
Small rose tattoo on calf 70
small rose tattoo on calf 70
Small snake tattoo on finger
small tattoo snake on finger
Small Libra symbol tattoo on the arm
Small Libra symbol tattoo on the arm
Small sun tattoo on neck
small sun tattoo on neck
Small Tattoo tiger snake butterfly
Small Tattoo tiger snake butterfly
Small lively snake tattoo on back
Small lively snake tattoo on back


Very often when choosing a sketch for a mini tattoo, girls want to look more feminine with it. And what could be more feminine than flowers? That is why roses, peonies, lotuses and lilies are among the most popular tattoos for women. Small flower tattoos may look less colorful and bright than large ones, but they accurately convey the essence and meaning of a flower.

For drawings of this delicate genre the watercolor style is great.

Small tattoos for women: Animals

The next most popular flowers are small feminine tattoos with animals. Usually women stuff the animal they want to be with character traits:

  • serious wolf;
  • cunning fox;
  • cute cat.

Or it can simply be a cute representative of our younger brothers. These tattoos are often depicted in realism or geometry. Also, no one forbids combining several styles in one.

Small tattoos for women: Birds

In addition to the femininity of women, they love tattoos that emphasize their free nature. The birds They are best suited for this. A neat little bird on the clavicle or wrist will look great even in color, even in white and black.

And no one bothers to turn one small bird into a flock of birds.

These small tattoos for women, sketches are as simple as possible and will take the minimum amount of time from the master. Therefore, the session will be very fast and almost painless.

Small tattoos for women: Patterns

This category includes a large number of mini drawings. There are geometric shapes, waves, lace, crosses, stars, snowflakes and others. A definite advantage of such a small tattoo is the ability to give it your own meaning, which others will not be able to understand.

Patterns are usually rendered in black in the line style. But anyone can bring a little creativity. If your ideas are not enough, browse the photo and improve the sketch from someone else.

Small tattoos for women: Tags

Last For a couple of years, small tattoos have come into fashion, consisting of one word: love, family, hope, etc. Everyone chooses for himself the word in which he sees the greatest meaning.

A word is an optional condition. It can be a sentence or a small sentence. If only it doesn't go beyond the conventional limits of a mini tattoo.

In most cases, registrations with meaning in English or Latin. Slightly less popular are hieroglyphics and Arabic characters. The main thing is not to be confused with the translation.

SIMPLE TATTOOS FOR WOMEN 【+50 Designs and Meanings】

Collage Simple Tattoos Women 2


Small insect tattoos have almost the same idea as with animals. Of course, butterflies or ladybugs are stuffed for their beauty. But when a woman orders a tattoo of a carnivorous spider behind the ear, it immediately becomes clear that this is how she wants to stand out and draw attention to her originality.

He tattoo style It will completely depend on the drawing.

Small tattoos for women: Horoscope sign

So we come to the most popular genre among people far from tattoo culture. Especially if this is the only tattoo for the woman. This is neither good nor bad, just a fact.

You can represent your character in as many ways as possible. The small size, of course, does not give such an opportunity to move, but still there are plenty of options. You can be creative in the drawing yourself or trust the master and order him a sketch of Small tattoos for women


The theme of a beautiful mini tattoo can be whatever you like. It is even better if the female tattoo is unique and represents something personal. It can be an object related to interests, occupation, worldview, etc.

Agree, a small tattoo of a pin on the wrist will attract more attention than all the boring hearts.

Mini tattoos for men

Men have small tattoos can be found very rarely. Very often this is the first tattoo that is tried on. But the tattoo does not stay in this form for a long time, as the guys quickly supplement it with new elements. And from a mini tattoo, it turns into an ordinary one.

Men give a completely different meaning to their tattoos. If it is a flower, then a noble rose. If it is an animal, then a predator with a smile. The idea is to create a masculine look. But, naturally, for each guy he has his own: a brutal macho, a cultured intellectual, a genius athlete.


Although small tattoos with predators and more popular, but ordinary animals also have a place to be. Most people associate with some kind of animal. So why not put it on your body?

Labrador on the leg with realism, the bear on the line on the chest, the shark symbol on the dotwork on the neck - everything will look great if the master will not let you down.


Like women, meaningful inscriptions make up a large part of all tattoos. Boys are all the same. Unless the words and phrases They can be more aggressive.

When making a tattoo an inscription in another language, do not be confused by the translation.

Also, many men fill in the names of their beloved women, children, parents and friends. This is usually done in a large size, but those who do not have such an opportunity choose a mini tattoo. Everyone chooses a place in the body. Of course, the most ideal is below the heart.


This includes small male tattoos with crosses, stars and other symbols - notes, emoticons, logos of famous brands.

In principle, it can be a mini tattoo with any symbolism.

Geometric forms

Guys like small tattoos made of circles, squares, and triangles. You can give them a deep meaning and create an original image. In such tattoos, dots and lines are often used.

Drawings may be used colors, but in practice they are rarely used.

Black work is more common. And some people also get white tattoos, it looks very unusual.


This is a genre where the choice is truly endless. Do you like cars? Beat the image of the engine or gearbox. Do you like space and everything related to it? A planets bracelet is suggested. Have you been interested in computers all your life? Matches the binary code sketch of the matrix.

+100 Tattoos for 【Small Couples】 and Meanings 🖤

Collage Tattoos for small and complementary Couples 1

In terms of unique sketches, this is a great genre for kids. For any hobby, you can create a cool little tattoo.


Small tattoos that symbolize the status of a man can often be found on brushes. And the rappers even have their faces. This is where the dollar sign, crown, and diamond belong. With these masculine tattoos, a man shows others the presence of wealth and power.

An example is Timati's tattoo.

marine theme

Earlier, sailors used to fill in small marine tattoos. These were his talismans and amulets. But even now, young people continue to get such tattoos. The most popular: anchor, steering wheel, swallow, ship.

They are traditionally made in the old school style.

small paired tattoos

Most of the paired tattoos are small. They are filled as a symbol of love for lovers or as a sign of friendship for friends or girlfriends. Less common, but still present, are the paired tattoos between parents and children.

Often drawings for two are quite stereotypical. But some take a more complicated path: they describe some personal things that are understandable and meaningful only to these two people. This pair of mini tattoos are much more interesting.


The first thing that comes to mind for a small pair of tattoos is to fill in a second person name. Pretty cheesy, but this idea can be improved. The main thing is to be creative with this problem.

Other people's initials also belong here. It's just one or two letters. It's definitely a mini tattoo, if not a micro.


Small ring tattoos on the ring finger are more interesting. Although recently the rings are found more and more often.

Now, if people beat such tattoos not in the first year of married life, but after 20 years of married life, then it would be great.

By the way, this is exactly what Yuri Dud is going to do with his wife.


Paired tattoos, even little onesThey can be very diverse. It's sad that apart from cute hearts with arrows and keys with locks, people never think of anything else. Of the same signs, yin-yang, sun and moon, rocket and space, king and queen can be distinguished.

In the 90% cases, the forearm used for a couple of tattoos. Numerous photos on the Internet confirm this. But this is far from necessary.

Body parts

Not all tattoos look the same on different parts of the body. The same drawing can look beautiful on the shoulder, but terrible on the ankle. Therefore, before the session, be sure to think about this moment.

To make it clearer, you can print a sketch in the same proportions as the future mini-tattoo and attach it to the chosen place. Evaluate yourself and ask your friends.

As a last resort, at least just outline the boundaries with a pen. If everything suits you, go ahead!

small tattoos woman head

Head and face are hammered only by the most extraordinary personalities. Although in 2020 it has already become fashion and young people are calmly taking this risky step. In any case, a large tattoo will not work for this area. It's the small tattoos that look great here.

The most common are inscriptions under the eyes, such as Face's, imitation of piercings, and various symbols on the face or behind the ear.


Mini neck tattoos are very popular among girls. They are done at the back of the head or on the side and can be easily hidden with long hair. The image is already chosen by themselves.

Almost anything will look good in this area.

Girls also love to get small female tattoos on the clavicle. It can be light feathers, leaves, twigs, flowers. Such a small tattoo, visible under a T-shirt or blouse, looks very feminine and beautiful.


Collage Small Tattoos for Couples

If men get such tattoos, then most often these are inscriptions or dates. Year of birth, e.g. eg

Women rarely get small tattoos on their breasts, but often under the breasts. Usually these are flowers, hearts, arrows and various patterns.

But men, on the contrary, beat tattoos on the sternum. Any genre is suitable here: geometric shapes, nature, animals, etc.

Belly for mini tattoo all -so it looks bad on me. The area is too large and therefore the small drawings on the belly are lost.

But the sides and ribs serving. The men's and women's themes are the same here, but there are also unisex drawings. For example, everything related to travel: planet Earth, planes, ships, mountains, sea, etc.

On the back, the small small tattoos for women are lost for the same reason as on the belly. Unless you can fit something to your shoulder blade or lower back. For women, they are butterflies or birds. For children – Celtic or Scandinavian patterns.


The entire arm, the shoulder least suitable place for a mini tattoo. But, however, you can also fill in here. The main thing is to carefully choose a drawing. The signs of the horoscope, the animals, the letters and geometry are suitable for both men and women.

(–2 49–)

na pleche

That forearm is another matter. The most popular area for small tattoos.

Here you can really complete whatever you want. I can't think of anything that would spoil this part of the body.

Wrist – same as forearm. Biomechanics mini sketch – yay! A cool image with a comic book hero, yes! Great little prince – yes! Anything. If you only like yourself.

Well, on the fingers and hands, as I wrote above, the icons and symbols fit perfectly. Words, letters and numbers will work too. Great places for small tattoos. It is better to fill in body weight


Small tattoos are rarely done on the hips. And if they do, then they are a bit smaller than normal ones. Again, because the area is too big.

The shins and calves are also not suitable for mini tattoos. Also, both for boys and girls.

But the feet, ankles and ankles - on the contrary.

As for the selection of the sketch, everything is exactly the same as with the doll. A simple light sketch in minimalism would be the best solution.

private places

When it comes to small tattoos, very often they refer to tattoos on the intimate parts of the body. These drawings are usually fun and sexy. For example, the well-known cherries of the pope or a light in the pubis. Also, they even get a tattoo on their vagina and penis.

You can see examples of such uncensored tattoos below the spoiler.

I would like to summarize, saying that you can get a tattoo in any case. Whether you work in a public office or are very afraid of pain, small tattoos are your go-to. A mini tattoo session can be easily survived. And the drawing itself can be hidden if desired.

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